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Nano Dimension and Zuken Team Up to Develop Seamless Design to Manufacture for 3D Printing

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Zuken Inc.!

Nano Dimension will work closely with Zuken to advance the 3D printing user experience and prototype turnaround times. Nano Dimension will take advantage of the support for implementing electronic technologies provided by Zuken’s market-leading, native 3D, system-level design solution, CR-8000 Design Force. This will enable users to spend more time innovating and getting new ideas to market, rather than dealing with design administration.

Design Force is the sole design tool that allows specification of unique rules for materials, meaning no extra steps are needed when 3D printing to silver and any other future conductive material. Zuken also offers dedicated DFM solutions to support printed electronics via its DFM Inkjet module that optimizes CAD data for inkjet printers.

Humair Mandavia, Chief Strategy Officer of Zuken USA, said: “Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force retains all the detailed data needed for 3D printing and allows export direct to manufacturing or 3D printing, without losing integrity. Nano Dimension’s 3D printers are typical of the many applications we envisioned when we pioneered native 3D design for manufacturing.”

Simon Fried, Chief Business Officer of Nano Dimension, said: “It has been an amazing few years for our company as we’ve fielded interest in our technology. We’re excited about working with Zuken to harness Design Force and take our products even further, giving our users a seamless experience from design to output and optimization.”


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                                Zuken will work with Nano Dimension to advance the 3D printing user experiencce and prototype turnaruond times


A Busy First Quarter

It’s been a busy first quarter for Nano Dimension, with the delivery of DragonFly 2020 3D Printers to additional beta customers, bringing the total number to 12 so far. While we cannot reveal the name or location of each customer, we can say that the DragonFly 2020 is being adopted across various industries such as defense and medical. This growing base of beta customers is supplying Nano Dimension with valuable feedback about the system. Our new beta testers include:

                                                    Rapid 3D printing of a PCB  by Phytec on Nano Dimension's DragonFly 2020....jpg      Phytec1.png

                                                  3D printined PCBs printed by Phytec - Nano Dimension's beta customer 


3D Printing Industry Awards – We Made the Shortlist!


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We’re delighted to have made the shortlist for the 3D Printing Industry Awards in the Material category for our nanoparticle inks. Looks like we’ve made 3D Printing even more disruptive with our DragonFly 2020 3D Printer, conductive inks, and insulating inks.                                

Finalists will be selected from the shortlist via public voting.

If you can, please vote for us. The winners will be announced on May 20th

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What Can we Expect from 3D printing in the next Five Years?


 Printed, soldered and working 3D PCB produced by Nano Dimension       

You may have asked the question, “What does the future hold for 3D printing?” Nano Dimension’s predictions for the next five years were recently published by 3D Printing Industry (3DPI) as part of a series of thought leadership articles written by additive manufacturing experts and 3D printing industry insiders.

Industrialization of 3D Printing will be Hallmark of Next Half Decade

The next five years will be significant for 3D printing, in my opinion. Certainly, we’ll see growth in the consumer space as 3D printing options become increasingly affordable. But the more interesting trend is the growth in 3D printing for industry.

Industry adoption of additive manufacturing is clearly on the rise, with a broad range of businesses already dipping into the 3D waters. For instance, GE has agreed to acquire Arcam AB  and Concept Laser to help it gain competitiveness in the 3D manufacturing space; and Siemens, Ford and others are focusing on bringing 3D solutions into their factories.

Established contract manufacturing companies such as Flex and Jabil are looking at how 3D printing can be adopted not just as a powerful tool for faster and more cost efficient prototyping, but also as a tool for improving the way in which manufacturing operates. In other words, can they 3D-print part of the manufacturing process themselves? The truth is, production line efficiency and flexibility moving forward will almost certainly require 3D printing to be used in either the end-product or as part of the machine making the end part, or both.

It’s also worth thinking about how 3D printing fits into the wider logistics chain. The SAP Ariba business-to-business marketplace, for instance, might offer 3D-printed parts that fit into everyday business transactions; companies could order a part from a 3D printer that isn’t their own, and fit it into their machines.

3D printing also offers simplicity around things like warehousing and shipping, which can be eliminated altogether in many cases (or at least minimized) when companies can print their own parts. Each of these areas – alone and in combination – signals ways the 3D printing market will evolve and grow over the coming years. It’s a multi-pronged process whereby it’s penetrating far beyond the prototyping stage, which is where things were just a few years ago.

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Join our Team: Big Plans for 2017 and Beyond

To expand our worldwide leadership in 3D printed electronics, we are seeking ambitious people who can help drive our continued growth. For more details on the positions open now, please have a closer look at our careers website. We look forward to your application!



  Upcoming Events 

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Meet Us at Printed Electronics Europe 2017 – Booth G11 

Nano Dimension will be exhibiting at Printed Electronics Europe 2017, which is part of the IDTechEx Show comprised of nine industry events at the Estrel Berlin Hotel and Convention Center. We will be in booth G11, May 10 -11.  Come see how our innovative DragonFly 2020 3D Printer can help you print functional, multilayer circuit board prototypes and 3D circuitry in-house in a matter of hours – saving time, money and protecting intellectual property.

In addition, Nano Dimension will be a featured presenter at the show. Simon Fried will be speaking about the many challenges of developing a professional 3D printer for electronics.

If you or your colleagues will be attending the show, please contact us to schedule a meeting there. We hope to see you in Berlin!


New Tech Logo-1.jpg

CEO & Co-Founder, Amit Dror will present at New Tech’s Annual 3D Printing Conference - 3D Day on 3D Printing: A New Dimension in Electronics. The event will take place on May 24th at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.  You are welcome to join us! 



Nano Dimension CBO Simon Fried will be at the 3DPIA 2017 conference in GUMICO, Korea on May 25th  to speak about 3D Printing: A New Dimension in Electronics Prototyping & Manufacturing.  We are also available for meetings during the conference.  


Beta Customer Application


Nano Dimension is seeking additional members for our Beta Customer Program. Beta tests will provide feedback that will help shape  the future of 3D printed electronics.

Participants will receive  the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer early and at a significant discount. For more information, please contact us at beta@nano-di.com

                                               Request Early Access Beta Program


Want to be a Reseller?

We are seeking reseller partners both in the USA and Europe to provide excellent service and technical support for the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer. If you wish to be considered to resel Nano Dimension offerings, please contact us here

                                                                                    Contact Us                                          


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