Innovia Newsletter, March, 2017


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Save the Date! 

I know we have announcements at home on the fridge… so it reminded me that I ought to do the same in our newsletter this month. 

Our 2017 Customer Conference will be April 26th (welcome reception) and April 27th (24 breakout sessions, dedicated ISV room) at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI.  

I encourage you to attend (and bring others) as there is no cost to attend – we have heard great feedback from our customers, our ISV partners, as well as our staff who relish the opportunity for direct face-to-face interactions with our customers.  We also want to hear from you on the content – you can absolutely influence our breakout sessions – what are you interested in hearing and seeing?  Please drop a line to any of our staff and let us know, after all, this event is for you!  If you have any questions or comments to share, please let me know – I hope to see you there!

Mark Christie, CEO 
Innovia Consulting

 Upcoming Webinars

 March 2 @ 10 am - 11 am - Dimension Manager from Dynamics NAV Addons
12 billion devices are connected to the Internet of Things.  In 2020, it will be over 30 billion.  Mobile is growing at a rate that is lighting fast.  Millennials are addicted to their smart phones and use them daily to purchase things.  Are you a Social Selling Organization using apps or social media or are you still doing business the way you were 20 years ago? Read More
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Microsoft’s introduction of Dynamics NAV in the cloud has allowed companies to rethink how they look at IT. While the traditional on-premise systems were clunky to operate, expensive to implement and required a high level of man power, the cloud creates endless low-cost possibilities. Read More
Businesses may feel out of their depth as states look to test the waters on tax compliance in the coming year. Sales and use tax compliance can be a complex problem for many businesses. It almost feels like you need a bowie knife to cut through the regulatory red tape, although knowledge may be a better weapon in this case.  Read More


· A seamless connection between your NAV and Webstore – ‘Real-time’

· A new user-friendly/visually captivating webstore with Catalog management to organize your data hierarchically. 

Read More


Dimension Manager Addon for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.jpg 

Change dimensions on posted documents & transactions and update historical transactions with new dimensions. Read More
We’re hearing so much about data lately we need a system to manage the data on data. Data. There, we said it again. Read More
Shiny New Gadget of the Month


Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case.jpg
What appears to be a solid block of carbonite containing a tiny Han Solo is actually a spring-loaded case that holds a dozen business cards. This case is classy enough for the board room and geeky enough to make your convention contacts squee gleefully. This is the case you're looking for! Grab one, then go about your business. Move along.
  • It's a block of carbonite... no, it's a business card case
  • Looks like a tiny Han Solo frozen in carbonite
  • Spring-loaded case holds about a dozen business cards
Quick Quiz
This Month's Question
When is Innovia's 2017 Customer Conference?

a. April 26 - 27

b. May 26 - 27
c. June 26 - 27
d. July 26 - 27

Submit your answer to . A winner will be drawn from the correct responses to win the Shiny New Gadget.
Last Month's Answer
What is the significance of using NAV Events?

a. Sends information to my Outlook Calendar.

b.  Customize NAV functionality without customizing NAV's source code.
c. Customize NAV functionality by writing custom NAV source code.
d. Sends emails about my upcoming events to my contact list.

Answer: b.  Customize NAV functionality without customizing NAV's source code.

Congratulations go to Deb Mallory, Mrs. Gerry's Kitchen, who won the Star Wars BB-8 Car Charger.