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Hi Friend,

Of all the fin services companies I've worked at, and worked for, as a consultant, guess how many have been great at sales and marketing alignment? 

None. Not one. 

But this is all it is - if the two teams who are literally in charge of bringing in revenue for your company work together to do just that, they become over 2x more successful

There's a reason it's called smarketing. Work smarter, not harder. 


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Boost revenue by 208% by aligning sales and marketing [infographic] 

Only 30% of CMOs have a clear process to make sales and marketing alignment a priority.

If you don't count yourself amongst that 30%, you should do something about that, stat. Research from Wheelhouse Advisors has shown that the misalignment is costing companies at least $1 trillion in wasted time and marketing budget. Check out this infographic for more statistics to get you on your feet.

Don’t wait for your stars to align, but make sure your marketing and sales do

If it's marketing's job to test the waters and craft the bait, sales' job is to reel in the fish. 

But it's hard to catch good fish, or any fish at all, if the two functions don't play nice and work together. 

Even if you've given the occasional eye roll after seeing the sales team's extensive "entertainment" expense list (just sayin'), give it a shot. You may be missing out on the catch of your life. Here are 3 ways to align your company's sales and marketing

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Coopers' apology for marketing fail is an even more massive fail

The campaign message is 'Keeping It Light'. But a spectacular PR stunt fail comes at a heavy cost.

In January, Coopers elbowed out Dutch titan Heineken to ink a lucrative deal as the official beer sponsor of The Australian Open. 

But in a turn of events, Coopers is now seeing their taps closed (get it?) as the brand comes under boycott by pubs and clubs across Australia. 

What's the lesson here?

Perhaps the gay marriage debate, beer and the bible don't mix. 

Or that the dangers of ill-conceived PR stunts and amateur mop-up video messaging should be written in stone.