Volume 17 - Issue 2 (22 June 2017)  
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Our Behavioral Research Blog has been updated! Within the new, fresh, and modern design, we highlight interesting behavioral research, trends, and events. Also guest bloggers tell us all about their studies in an easy-to-read way. Blogposts are sorted and easy to find through labels such as 'parent-child', 'communication', 'emotion', etc. We invite you to take a moment of your time to discover our renewed behavioral research blog. If you're interested in sharing the research you're conducting, or other relevant news, please submit a blogpost yourself!

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Jacqueline Martinali,

Parent-child interaction

At the Institute of Psychology, University Paris Descartes in France, the general objective of the research of Emmanuel Devouche is to gain knowledge about the interaction of a baby with his or her social environment. The research can be divided into two groups: 1. Studies of mother-baby communication during the first weeks and months; and 2. Studies of vulnerability factors in pregnant women and their consequences on the quality of early exchanges with the baby and his or her socio-cognitive development. Read on to find out how he uses The Observer XT for his research.



Virtual ShopLab

One of the great advantages of the virtual world is that you can quickly change the layout of a shop or the design of packaging without the time and expense of altering anything in the real world. Virtual ShopLab is a set-up that you can use to do just that. With Virtual ShopLab, you can easily and accurately measure the response of shoppers while they move around the shop and select products with different packaging, in different locations, etc.
Noldus, Green Dino, Smart Eye, and Wageningen University Research (WUR) have partnered to develop this new solution within the framework of the FOCOM project. Interested? Visit our website to learn more.


Unobtrusive observations

In our whitepaper 'How to build an AudioVisual Lab (AV Lab)', we describe what kind of equipment will be needed, and which physical environment would be best suited to conduct unobtrusive observational research. To get off to a good start, it is best to describe the research or tests that are going to be performed in great detail.
In our whitepaper, we include many questions (and answers!) to help you remember what needs to be addressed. Tips and tricks to prepare and perform the observations are also summed up. You can download this 'how to' guide for free!

Observation lab.jpg

Call for Symposia & Workshops

After a successful first time abroad, we are happy to announce that Measuring Behavior 2018 will be hosted in Manchester, United Kingdom. From 6-8 June 2018, the Metropolitan University will be the stage for the latest inventions, prototypes, and techniques in behavioral research.
The Scientific Program Committee now invites you to submit Symposia & Workshops proposals. If you are interested in organizing a session around a specific topic, or would like to host an interactive discussion on novel topics in Measuring Behavior, please send us an outline: MB2018@measuringbehavior.org.



Viso: the easy-to-use AV solution

The use of video in education and training is widely viewed as an efficient, creative, and effective way to help people learn. Viso provides these AudioVisual solutions in an easy-to-use software interface.
In our Viso movie we take you on a tour through a training facility and show you all the features and benefits Viso has to offer. We zoom in into the control, observation, and debriefing room and present you the interface of the software. Please take a look! 



Measure your emotions

FaceReader is the world’s first tool capable of automatically analyzing facial expressions, providing users with an objective assessment of a person’s emotion.
Curious what emotions your own face shows? In this demo the facial expression of a person is automatically extracted from a single picture. Additionally, FaceReader is capable of extracting some personal characteristics, like gender, facial hair, an age indication and whether a person is wearing glasses or not. This online demonstration lets you analyze images containing a face, by entering a URL or uploading a file. Try now!


Come visit the ECP

Noldus is excited to be exhibiting at the European Congress of Psychology (ECP) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 11-14 July, 2017. This 15th ECP meeting is a joint effort between the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP) and the Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP). Make sure to attend, since it promises to be a fantastic, scientifically interesting and well organized conference in Amsterdam. 

Read on for 6 more reasons to convince yourself to visit this convention.



Meet Lucas Noldus

Lucas Noldus is the founder and managing director of Noldus Information Technology. With a Ph.D. in animal behavior, he developed the first version of what later became The Observer observational software. This tool attracted attention from researchers and triggered the start of the company in 1989. 

Get to know him in this video and get a peek into our company's history!


Meet Lucas Noldus

The user story of LAPSO

The Laboratory of Social and Organizational Psychology (LAPSO) at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa in Portugal is used to conduct research, as well as to train students. Their extensive equipment enables them to measure different data streams and integrate the outcomes. With The Observer XT at the core of their lab, synchronization of physiologycal data, eye tracking data, facial expressions, and more can be guaranteed. Studies in which coding of behavioral interactions in humans and also in Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI) are examples of research projects. 


Meet us at Neuroscience 2017

From 11 - 15 November 2017, more than 30,000 colleagues from more than 80 countries join together at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington, D.C. Neuroscience 2017, is the world’s largest neuroscience conference for scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system.
We will demonstrate the latest solutions for powerful data collection and accurate integration. We invite you all to join us there and learn more about integrating behavioral coding with ECG, GSR, emotion analysis, EEG, fMRI, and more.


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