Winter 2017



Lynx provides device connectivity software that allows consumers to quickly and securely discover and enjoy their media libraries and smart home devices, while coordinating and controlling them from any mobile device.  


New Twonky v.8.4 Release Now Available                                             

  • Twonky Server Web UI, which provides the ability to create playlists from shared folders.                     
  • Twonky Server key verification, which will require end users to setup an online Lynx account to use their copy of Twonky Server. Note, this only affects end users who purchase Twonky Server directly from Lynx. This does not affect any versions of Twonky Server shipping through our OEM customers.

  • New smart playlist called "New Today" to allow SmartLynx users to watch their daily digest of photos from their IFTTT recipes.

What can the Twonky Media Connectivity Solution provide for you and your end users?  

  • A server for streaming media within the home network.    
  • A way to aggregate media files and servers within the home network. 

  • Playback of media in the home network on a mobile device or TV, including integration with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and FireTV. 

  • A server and media player for premium content within the home network. We provide a mobile player for downloaded premium content (from a STB), which can be enjoyed outside the home.
  • A media player for premium content from OTT providers and Service Providers. 

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SmartLynx 1.0 is Available Now for Routers, Gateways, STBs and NAS

If you are a manufacturer of routers, gateways, set-top-boxes (STB) or NAS devices and would like to participate in the growing Smart Home market in an easy way, SmartLynx is our smart home connectivity solution, which includes a rules engine, that will effectively make your product "smart home ready". 

SmartLynx 1.0 comes in Linux, Mac and Windows versions and enables consumer use cases involving digital photos and music. The Linux version can be embedded by OEMs into their devices, such as wireless routers, gateways, STBs and NAS devices. Since SmartLynx 1.0 is integrated with the IFTTT service, consumers can create IFTTT applets ("if-then" rules) that are connected to other smart home devices and services. These applets can trigger SmartLynx to automatically play songs and photos to any Smart TV or speaker on their home network, either directly or through Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast or any DLNA-enabled media renderer. Also, through integration with our Twonky Server, consumers can beam photo slideshows and music playlists to the same devices. In addition, they can store any file to the device where the SmartLynx engine is installed. See the Press Release here




Lynx is proud to spotlight and welcome Lenovo as a new customer who has chosen Twonky to enhance the media connectivity of their products. 

Lenovo, one of the largest personal technology companies in the world, has selected Lynx to play a part in Lenovo's smart home ecology. See News Release here.



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