Financial services brands are used to ugly headlines. Just ask your bank.
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Financial services brands are used to ugly headlines. Just ask your bank. BUT it's hard to think of a bigger public relations blunder than PwC's Oscar-sized envelope mix-up. 

Whether simple human error will undo PwC's reputation in Hollywood, and beyond, remains to be seen...

If your 2017 plan includes boosting - and protecting - your brand's reputation, this week's blog is worth a read. 


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The Influencer CEO: T-Mobile's #UncarrierNEXT Movement

Meet John Legere.

The T-Mobile boss is cut from a different CEO cloth. He tells his 3.7 million Twitter followers that #heisbatman and that he enjoys scaring his competitors. 

Aimed squarely at millenialls, T-Mobile's 'bad-boy' marketing is a fascinating departure from the influencer-marketing mould. 

How to build an in-house influencer

Forbes has named 2017 the year of the influencer. And while you may not be looking to emulate T-Mobile you can still #disrupt traditional communication models with your very own inhouse influencer. 

This week's blog shows you how to build your own. 


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After huge Oscar mistake, PwC goes into damage control  

And, the Oscar for the best award show screw-up, goes to... PwC.

An errant envelope has la-la-landed PwC centre stage of a global media meltdown. A furious Film Academy has blacklisted PwC accountants Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz from working - or attending - the Oscars, ever again. Kind of like putting the 'BLEEP" noise AFTER the rude word?

Now for the REALLY BIG question...can PwC return triumphant for a third act next year? Or, will a new audit firm moonlight in its place? Boomtish