This February, draw inspiration from other companies who are placing diversity events at the forefront of their event programming.
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February may be the shortest month, but that doesn't mean that there won't be plenty of time to look down the pike at the types of event programming you want to offer in 2017. From hiring events to attract hard-to-reach talent to screening events that consolidate steps in your recruiting process, you and your team strive for excellence every day. But how can you make this year different? How can you stand out from other companies in a highly competitive market?

We’ve packed this newsletter with event inspiration and tips on how to diversify your event programming and keep your marketing tactics fresh. We’re ready to kick 2017 into high gear.

- Team Brazen


Resources to Kick-Start Your Year

Diversify Your Recruiting Strategy: Event Inspiration — We’ve compiled a slide deck chock-full of innovative diversity-themed events. From career fairs for underrepresented minorities to women’s networking hours, there are many ways to keep diversity at the helm of your event programming in 2017. Take a look, be inspired, and start planning your next diversity event today!

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[Infographic] By The Numbers: Engaging Your Talent Community with Chat  — Last quarter, we conducted an experiment to re-engage our talent community by inviting them to an Online Reconnect. Today, we’re excited to share the results with you. We hope that this information can help you as you plan your event strategy in 2017 and beyond!

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What’s New

2017 is well underway, and Brazen has been keeping busy! Over the weekend we rolled out several updates to make it easier to administer and attend Brazen events.

Check out the full list, or read through our team's favorites below:  

  • Search Functionality on Account Home
  • Search Functionality on the Templates Page
  • Option to Create an Event From the Templates Page
  • Representatives can Extend Chats by 2, 5 and 10 minutes
  • Improvements to Participant Wait Time Calculations.

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[Spotlight] Raytheon Prioritizes Diversity Hiring

Raytheon hosted an event this past October connecting Southern University and A & M alumni at Raytheon with current students. This event provided students at Southern University, a historically black college (HBCU), the opportunity to speak with alumni about potential career paths in Space and Airborne Systems. This not only gave the students a great opportunity to explore careers at Raytheon and network with professionals, but it also allowed Raytheon to advance their company mission of corporate responsibility.

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Here are some tips on how to replicate their success:

  • Focus on creating ties with a specific group: make your next diversity event a success by focusing on a specific demographic. Here, Raytheon partnered with a a university that routinely produces employees who perform well within their organization. Show your commitment to advancing representation of a specific group within your organization, by making your next event tailored to them.  
  • Feature experts who resonate with your audience: instead of simply featuring one of your current employees, take the time to find employees that will be most valuable to your target audience. Finding that common ground, whether it be a shared university or program, provides current students and employees conversation starters. At the end of the day, it is not only a great promotional tool, but also a catalyst for more meaningful conversations.
Marketing Corner: How to Do Diversity Events Right

It’s that time of year again — that is, time to plan your promotion strategy for 2017! Here are some tips to market your diversity-themed events to your audience:

  • Check your calendar - Is your event scheduled to take place near a holiday? Consider incorporating it into your theme! With Black History Month around the corner, take advantage of the time of year by hosting a meet and greet with a black student association or an HBCU. March is Women’s History Month and a great opportunity to host an open house event, allowing current students to connect with your female employees.
  • Choose your experts wisely - the next time you're choosing who to feature, be sure to leverage each expert's individual strengths. Having a diverse roster of speakers gives participants the option to choose who they want to speak to based on relevant experience. Don’t forget to feature your experts (names, titles, brief bios) in your promotional emails, landing page and social media posts. Go ahead, give your potential participants a taste for who they will be able connect with!