Google Trends tells us that online searches for "influencer marketing" have increased TEN times since 2014.
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Hi Friend,

Google Trends tells us that online searches for "influencer marketing" have increased TEN times since 2014. 

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What does this tell us? 

Influencer marketing is definitely a THING for 2017. 

Is it a groundbreaking, cutting-edge, awe-inspiring new thing? No. In fact it's not so different from what I've been doing with media relations since my time at AMP back in 1995. (Which, BTW, is 22 years ago now. Feeling old?)

But it's a whole new way of thinking about PR. And with all the buzz around it right now, it's something that needs to be on your radar. This FOMO is the start of that conversation for the new year.

Check out Influence 2.0 for hard stats and in-depth analysis about where influencer marketing is going, and our blog on influencer marketing in the financial services industry. And of course, how could we leave you without a mention of the first ever influencer president - and his yuuuge following?



The Future of Influencer Marketing research report 2017

If you haven't thought about influencer marketing, you'd better snap to it. More than half of all marketers are planning to use it in the near future, according to this global research report for senior marketing professionals courtesy of digital marketing wizard Lee Odden and Altimeter Group

Lift your business game with influencer marketing

There are no @taylorswifts or @kyliejenners of the financial services world. So who are our influencers?

Should financial services brands even bother with influencer marketing?

The answer's a resounding yes. From us at least. With attention spans at an all-time low and content curation at an all time high, influencers are your new new media. They include finance bloggers, your CEO, and even micro-influencers like vocal customers.



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Influencer-in-Chief: 5 brands Trump has tweeted about

If we weren't able to convince you of the power of social influence, perhaps consider the recently-inaugurated @POTUS and his sway over hundreds of millions of Americans, all the while lacking actual content. While we're not saying that you should go nuts and start tweeting #alternativefacts, brands need to watch out for what's being said about them, especially if it's along the lines of "Cancel order!"