Check out the AMO 2017 roadmap! Help us prioritize a set of features for the next generation of AMO.


Hello there,

We’re excited to lay out our development plans for 2017. If you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback, please email or call us.

Admin Area Update

You may have noticed a bright blue link to an updated version of AMO when you log into the admin area.

We’re currently finishing our refinements for the admin redesign and hopefully you’ve had a chance to use it in “beta mode” as an administrator.

The biggest benefits to you are:

  • A 100% Mobile Friendly Admin
  • Faster Load Times
  • Cleaner Design / Better Use of Space

Our work with the admin redesign also includes a number of back-end updates that will improve efficiency and usability of AMO as a whole. Our plan is to retire the old admin screens by March 15th - please send us your feedback!

Better Transaction Processing

Our second focus this quarter is to partner more closely with a top-tier merchant card / payment gateway provider.

We feel that if we focus our efforts on integrating deeply with one provider, we can make AMO better in a number of ways...

  • Reduce payment process fees by negotiating discounted rates for AMO customers
  • Enhance the stored credit card feature for automated monthly/quarterly card billing
  • Enable us to code features like refunding card purchases from within AMO
  • Make PCI compliance verification simpler
  • Make monthly reconciliations and the credit card reconciliation process easier

These two updates will take up most of our development resources for the next 60-90 days.

Looking Out Beyond 90 Days

As you can imagine we have a ton of competing ideas about how to improve AMO. This is a tough issue for a lot of software companies.

How do we choose the next feature to code? The next design update?

One thing we know for sure is that we appreciate having the opportunity to help you make your community stronger - helping your group connect, grow and share.

The idea of connection and helping resonates strongly with the team here - so much that it’s inspired us to expand our vision for the product beyond “your journey to simplicity”. We want AMO to be a system that helps your members to connect, grow and share, that helps you to make your world and their worlds better.

We know the next features for AMO have to be about those things - connection, growth and sharing.

Please help us to prioritize a set of features for the next generation of AMO. We’ve compiled a list below. If you like, simply email me back and let me know what you think would be best for you. We will read and respond to every email. Otherwise, please click this link and you’ll be taken to an online survey.

Some of the Enhancements Under Consideration

  1. Social Sign In - Members can log in with Facebook or LinkedIn. Enhance member profiles with data fed from social profiles (profile pictures, etc.)
  2. AMO Social Stream - give you the ability to create social streams. Think of it as a private LinkedIn or Facebook group page that you control. Could be set-up for groups within AMO.
  3. Mobile Event App - streamline check-ins, continuing ed verifications, information flow and alerts with an AMO event mobile app auto-tailored with your organization’s logo, colors, sponsors and event details and downloadable from the various app stores.
  4. Directory App - enable admins to publish a mobile version of the directory that will be fed updates from the system.
  5. Enhanced Sponsorship Module - Build up our sponsorship module so it supports ads / sponsorships within the mobile event app, directory app, web pages, email blasts, social streams, and other social channels (facebook, twitter, etc.) enable easy billing and reporting.
  6. AMO User Group and AMOCON - set-up an event and an AMO for AMO users. Host a get together for group training, networking and sharing the best ways to use the system.
  7. Directory Widgets - Enable flexibility for the directory to create enhanced listings and more field choices for searching.
  8. The AMO Butler - Need to get an email out, set-up an event, or update a web page and don’t have time? Let your AMO butler take the work request and handle it for a low fixed fee or monthly subscription for ongoing services.

Thank you for taking the time to read this loooong email (and getting this far) you must be a power user! We are sincerely interested in your feedback. Please let us know your ideas.

Thank you again for using AMO.

Sincerely, David



David Carnes, CEO of ArcStone / AMO


AMO is a product of ArcStone, proudly made in Minneapolis, Minnesota

(612) 381-9951