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The Brightspark team is thrilled to share our newest investment opportunity with you! We are investing in AdHawk, and you are invited to review the company's information and co-invest with us.

Getting to know AdHawk

AdHawk, a Waterloo-based company, has created an eye tracking technology that is 10x faster, smaller, more power efficient, and less expensive than camera-based instruments. The company has produced the first microsystem that tracks movement of the eye based on an infrared scan of the cornea’s position. 

Their unique, patented, hardware and software makes human-computer interaction seamless and effective. Existing Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technology uses camera technology to track eye movement, requiring substantial computations and power at a high cost. Using a low-powered scanner, AdHawk is able to capture significant information regarding eye movements with unprecedented resolution, high speed, and bandwidth.

The technology has been created and proven, and the company now needs to bring volume manufacturing to this growing market.

Discover AdHawk Microsystems (click to watch) 

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Here's why we're investing:
  • IP and technology: The technology is solid, unique, patented and proven. The product represents a much faster, higher data, lower cost solution.

  • Market opportunity: The new low-laser approach to visual tracking is able to become an industry standard quickly and drive future technology. It is entering the fast growing VR market at the right time.

  • A very experienced team: The team is world-class and understands the market extremely well. The co-investors have significant experience in the market and the potential for maximizing value.

Ready to take action? Here are some next steps:

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Reach out to our VP, Investor Community Jonathan Latsky. He is available and ready to answer any questions you may have about AdHawk. Contact him via email or phone:

Stay tuned for a video presentation and demo of the AdHawk technology. We will not be hosting a live webinar. Instead, we are recording a presentation with the management team that will email to you in the next few days, and post on our website. 

Often, our investment opportunities fill up very quickly and we are oversubscribed. To avoid missing your chance at investing in AdHawk, we ask you to please let us know of your interest as soon as possible. 

Thank you for funding exceptional early stage tech companies with us!




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