I stopped for a coffee today. "Morning, Carden! Long black with a splash of soy?" the barista offered as he saw me.
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Hi Friend,

I stopped for a coffee today. 

"Morning, Carden! Long black with a splash of soy?" the barista offered as he saw me. 

As I stood waiting, it occurred to me how nice it was that Marco already knew what I wanted.

He's no clairvoyant, I've just been ordering the same coffee every morning for nearly a year. 

That's the sort of value that personal relationships bring. In PR, our competitive advantage lies in these long-term relationships with journalists: over the years, we've learnt what makes them tick and how they like to work. 

If influencer marketing was approached the same way - focusing on nurturing lasting, mutually-beneficial engagements, I'm sure we'll see a better Return on Relationship


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What’s the state of influencer marketing in 2017?

You might remember George Takei from Star Trek back in the 60s, but did you know that he's now an über popular content curator and social influencer with over 10 MILLION likes on Facebook? Oh myyy...

Get the latest insights from the expert panel put together by Julius and The Drum - what influencer marketing means today, who's doing it well, and how to measure it. 

How to maximise your Return on Relationship (RoR)

Last FOMO we talked about how influencer marketing is definitely a thing for 2017. But research shows that it's only been approached at a tactical, campaign-to-campaign level. Not so good for your long-term goals, I say. 

In our blog this week we give you the three key steps to getting strategic about influencer marketing, to receive the best RoR for your efforts.

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10 lovely Valentine's Day campaigns 💙

Love is in the air! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's (or Galentine's?).

Since we're all about relationships this week, here are 10 brands who jumped on the opportunity to work on their relationships with their audiences. 

We especially like no. 3, ANZ's tasteful #HoldTight campaign which stepped away from the financial product flog and featured messages of tolerance and inclusivity.