SynergEyes Insight covers our most popular articles of 2016: Top Medical Billing and Coding changes, Mistakes when Billing and Coding and more.
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December 7, 2016

Top Article from 2016: Medical Billing and Coding Changes

By Rebecca H. Wartman, OD

On October 1, 2016, changes to ICD-10-CM coding went into effect. While all of the code changes applicable for optometry are important, a few of the major changes are discussed in this article. 

Some key highlights:
  • One major change in ICD-10-CM codes is diabetic ocular complication coding.
  • The commonly used primary open angle glaucoma codes have changed. These codes are now per eye.
  • Macular degeneration codes have also changed. These codes now indicate which eye is impacted along with the stage of the disease for each eye indicated by a new 7th character.

This article provides a good overview for eye care professionals who treat the eye conditions above.

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Keratoconus Compliance and Coding Checklist 

John Rumpakis, OD has developed a one-page checklist on how to bill and code insurance for keratoconus. Here are the first three items: 
  1. Establish and document the chief complaint in the medical record
  2. Establish appropriate medical diagnosis
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UPDATED: ICD-10 Billing Code Cheat Sheet For 2017

SynergEyes has updated the ICD-10 cheat sheet to reflect some of the most used codes for specialty contact lens practices. The new sheet reflects 2017 code changes and no longer includes the ICD-9 codes. Feel free to let us know if there are codes you use frequently that should be added to the sheet.