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November 10, 2016



eWeek (11/9)

IBM has launched the experimental release of its Project Intu, a new system-agnostic platform designed to enable embodied cognition. Embodied cognition is the application of artificial intelligence to form factors, such as robots, devices or other objects.

Bloomberg (11/9)

Yahoo! Inc. is investigating a new claim that user account data was obtained by a hacker, the latest security challenge for the company as it prepares for the planned acquisition of its core web services by Verizon Communications Inc.


Computerworld (11/9)

When Google flags sites for hosting malicious code or unwanted software, or running some kind of scam, users see warnings in Chrome and other browsers. The alerts appear as long as Google believes the site poses a threat. But after making changes to align their sites with Google's "Safe Browsing" terms, webmasters may ask Google to lift the virtual embargo.




Exchange Wire (11/10)

Much has been made over recent years about the state of modern marketing, with technology and data enabling far more than ever before. But, while avenues to connect with customers may evolve, a focus on strategy for content marketing has, and must always be, fundamental for all marketers.



The Drum (11/10)

A 'call to action' ad can now become a 'call to conversation' as a new messaging app for paid advertisers on Facebook makes it possible for marketers to turn its messenger bots into ad bots. In other words, when a sponsored ad appears in a news feed, a user can instantly 'have an open, existing conversation with a brand,' on Facebook messenger.

Digiday (11/10)

Bots, in some form or another, have been a part of Slack’s offering since it launched in 2013. The communications tools now has 4 million daily active users, up from 2.3 million in April, and companies are getting more experimental with the bots they build.

The Huffington Post (11/10)

“It’s time re-boot your small business marketing efforts. You want to look at your revenues for the year, who were you top customers or product sales, and you’ll want to evaluate your close ratios to see what closed and and how long it took. A strong marketing strategy is key to ensuring your product is seen by your potential customers. 




NetworkWorld (11/10)

Cloud repositories are actively supplying malware, according to computer experts. And problematically, it’s insidious and hard to find. Hundreds of buckets have been undermined, says Xiaojing Liao, a graduate student at Georgia Tech who’s the lead author on a study that’s looking into the problem. Buckets are chunks of storage used in cloud operations. 

CIO (11/9)

A survey of 377 marketers at companies with more than $250 million in annual revenue in North America and the U.K. found that marketing budgets (including paid media advertising) increased from 11 percent of company revenue in 2015 to 12 percent of revenue this year. And a majority (57 percent) of the marketing leaders surveyed, told Gartner they expect marketing budgets to rise further in 2017.



The Drum (11/9)

Data can make or break a brand’s ability to deliver a great customer experience. But so many marketers are missing out on this opportunity as they find the issue too complex and do not have time to keep up with industry developments.


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