When we think PR, we think outbound: media releases, alerts, broadcasting, phoning journalists and pitching stories to them.
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Hi Friend, 

When we think PR, we think outbound: media releases, alerts, broadcasting, phoning journalists and pitching stories to them. It's basically pushy, right?

In contrast, wouldn't it be much easier, more efficient and less painless if the media came to us instead, every time?

Easier said than done.

The first step towards that nirvana is understanding our audience (media prospects and influencers), and THEIR audiences, knowing exactly what they want, and producing consistently great content that ticks all the boxes. Every time.

Oh, and a dedicated digital media hub as the epicentre of our PR programs. More on that later.

You can tell we were inspired by #Inbound16 - read about the big topics covered, and our blog on how Inbound PR works. Then try the next 'thing': #mannequinchallenge. 


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3 big key learnings from #INBOUND16

19,500 marketers from around the world met in Boston recently for Inbound16, held by marketing software provider Hubspot.

Couldn't make it? No worries. An experienced PR and digital marketing professional, and keynote speaker at the conference, Iliyana Stareva shares her 3 key takeouts from Inbound16. Bonus: Look out for the video of marketing extraordinaire Gary Vaynerchuk's opening keynote!

Inbound PR = the future of PR?

We're all familiar with traditional outbound PR. Reaching out to journalists and getting them to write about us.

What if we could get the media, and other influencers, to come to us instead? Wouldn't that be nirvana?

While we're already doing this to a certain extent through our strong relationships with financial media, putting the inbound methodology to PR reframes our perspective and challenges us to innovate the media outreach process. This is where we see the future of PR. Read more in our blog this week. 


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How 9 brands are doing the Mannequin Challenge

Every once in a while, the internet comes up with the Next Big Meme - and right now, this is it. Started by high school kids in Florida, the viral challenge involves a bunch of people standing really still (yes, like mannequins), while someone walks around and films them. While it's attracted big names like Ellen (at the White House, no less!), Beyonce and even Clinton, see how brands are jumping on the bandwagon and showing off their fun side.