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October 27, 2016

Moving the Needle with Partner Program Strategy 

Letter From the CEO

The first rule of writing anything for B2B is to tell the audience what’s in it for them. We have some exciting news at Channel Maven Consulting. What’s in it for you? Over 40 years of Channel expertise.


Heather K. Margolis

Founder and CEO

I’m very excited to welcome Debbie Kane as our VP of Client Strategy and Brad Rolfe as our VP of Client Engagement, both formerly of Penton and Everything Channel (now The Channel Co.). Many of you know Debbie and Brad as sales people, however, at Channel Maven Consulting they bring more than sales to the conversation.


Debbie Kane

VP of Client Strategy


Brad Rolfe

VP of Client Engagement

Having worked in all aspects of Channel, your end-to-end solution will be part of the discussion. Instead of solving a single pain point or putting out fires, they'll talk about how you can get more depth and breadth out of our engagement.

This month we’re talking about Program Development, Partner Enablement, and how you communicate your value. Keep an eye out for the luxury leadership retreat we’re promoting with our friends at TPG as well!

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or you just want to brainstorm! Email or call any time.  



Channel Maven Update


Sheila O'Neil

VP of Channel Strategy

Vendors used to dictate most of their Partner Program elements. The pendulum has now swung to the other side thanks to an abundance of new technologies, self-serve information, and Vendor options.

Successful Vendors craft Partner Programs around a value proposition that entices Partners in today’s changing market and aligns with their goals.

Today’s Partners are focused on customer relationships. They look to your programs to make those relationships successful. What resonates most with Partners when they’re vetting programs? Simplicity. The easier you make it for them to succeed, the better.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.02.29 AM.png

Simplicity with your Partner Program often means paring down. For example, when it comes to content, focus on quality, not quantity. Partners are bombarded with program communications. Vendors can rise above the noise by spending less time conveying program requirements and more time explaining how your program drives demand.

Look at training, education, and sales and marketing enablement. Are they digestible? Does each piece fit with your Partners’ business models? Is the value recognizable to the Partner?

Strong Partner Programs make things simple for the Vendor, too. Each Partner is unique. There’s no one, cookie-cutter approach.

Building flexibility into your program is key. The Channel is constantly evolving; a little wiggle room gives Partners that flexibility they need while using your solutions as a platform for growth.


 Partner Development & Enablement


Program Development & Enablement Resources


Updating Your Partner Program for Today's Shifting Channel

How are Vendors developing Partner Programs and value propositions that align with Partners to drive demand? 


4 Questions to Answer to Accelerate Channel Partner Performance

"Knowledge is power and Vendors who know how their Partners make money will see better results, higher revenue, and stronger Channel Partner Performance."

Guest blog from Jeff Mattan 


Look at Partner Programs Differently to Drive More Demand

"Empowering Channel Partners to be motivated, knowledgeable and productive doesn't happen overnight or without a plan." 

Wondering how your Channel Program and Enablement Plan Stack up to the Competition?

channel assessment.png

The first two people to reach out to Heather K. Margolis will receive a complimentary Channel Assessment!

Your assessment includes a 5-slide deck with findings, recommendations, and suggestions for moving forward.

Channel Happenings


We are part of several industry events throughout the year and are particularly excited about our involvement with two unique events in the coming months. 

Next month, we’ll be at Specialized Channel Focus, the Channel’s newest event brought to you by Baptie & Co. Attending? Be sure to join Channel Maven Consulting’s Heather K. Margolis during her November 9th session "Communicating to a Sensitive Channel" and learn how you can get your message across without bombarding Partners.

We’re also looking forward to setting Skype to ‘away’ as we co-sponsor this year’s For the Love of YOU Luxury Lifestyle Reboot in January. TPG’s leadership retreat brings business leaders together for a weekend of self-reflection, professional development, and a whole lot of food and wine in beautiful Napa Valley. 


We hope to see you there!   

Channel Maven Spotlight 

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A successful Partnership is about so much more than requirements and benefits. Your Partner Program should attract and retain ideal Partners. Educate, engage, and enable them to drive more demand through the Channel.  

Our team has worked with thousands of Vendors and Partners, from organizations of all different sizes. We truly understand how to stay top-of-mind and build long-term relationships with Partners and end-customers, alike. Our workshops, speaking engagements, webinars, and video-casts are customized to your goals and resources. We’ll work with your internal team, directly with your Partners, or both, to find the right educational approach for your unique Channel.

Want to build stronger relationships with your Partners and help them drive more revenue through the Channel?

We’re here to help.