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The 10 Best Sciatica Stretches with Tips and Videos!

Studies show that you can ease your sciatica pain by following these simple daily stretches.


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In the Sciatica Stretches Emails You Will Learn:

  • “What to do” and “what NOT to do” when it comes to stretching your sciatica! Dr. Amy shows how we do the sciatica stretches at our clinics but also shows how they can be done at home.
  • You will learn simple solutions that will help ease your sciatica pain.
  • How to do daily tasks the right way so you don't make your sciatica worse.

The insight and value of these tips are beneficial to people who have existing sciatica pain and would like to prevent further damage. The Illinois Back Institute is dedicated to educating people. These tips allow us to help you one email at a time!

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