“We need to talk”.
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Hi Friend, 

“We need to talk”.

Those four words are your clue that you need to act quick in your relationship. But what if those words came from your PR consultant?

That’s right, the agency/client relationship is also one of compromise and listening. This week’s blog is Agency Relationship 101. Here’s a hint: we both need to give a little and take a little.   

Because, just as you can fire your PR agency, they can also terminate the relationship.

One commercial relationship that is proving fruitful is between brands and influencers. If you combined Kris Jenner with a wellness/mummy blogger and swapped the Balmain for breakfast cereal, you might create Taiwanese-Chinese reality TV star and “supermum” Alyssa Chia. Ms Chia has been the key to Sanitarium’s strategy to grow into China. Read on to find out why Weet Bix are now selling at $50 a pop in that market.  


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How not to PR with your PR agency

Surprise, surprise! When you hire a PR firm, you enter a relationship. And like any other relationship, it requires commitment from both parties. 

And yes, your PR agency does have the option to also fire you. 

Read on for what NOT to do for a successful PR relationship. (Spoiler: #1 is not being clear on your business objectives.)

It takes two to tango: How to have a successful relationship with your PR partner

Congratulations, you've just signed on a new PR partner! 

You'll find the course of the relationship to be very similar to marriage, and like any union, you need to set the ground rules early and work hard to keep the spark alive.

This week's blog gets into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to, as we say, help us help you.

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Weetbix the next big thing?

Weetbix, the humble Aussie breakkie food is now selling at $50 a pop (yes, $50) in some parts of the world.

How? A bit of creativity and good ol' product placement in a trending Chinese drama.

By targetting a strong influencer (in this case, a super-mom), Weetbix is potentially making 1,374.62 million people fall in love with dry biscuits.

That's pretty amazing. Read on to find out more.