6 Great Tips for Small to Mid-Sized Estates

Estate Planning couple.jpgBy Eric James
Staff Accountant 

Not surprisingly, many folks are inadequately prepared to ensure their wealth is transferred in accordance with their wishes after they have passed.  A significant aspect of the wealth transfer process to consider is the estate tax.

With the highest federal estate tax currently 40%, estate tax planning is an important aspect of sound financial planning; one you will want to make certain you accomplish effectively. 

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Yes, a Do-Over Does Exist in Business! What You Need to Know About the Rescission Doctrine

Woman with calculator.jpgBy Mike Hermes, CPA 
Tax Senior

As a business owner, you're entering into transactions potentially on a daily basis. Suppose you enter into a transaction with someone, hurrying to get the deal closed as you're set to rake it in. It comes around to December, and your accountant is preparing a projection of what your tax liability will likely be for the year.

Then you get a call that you're going to owe a boat load of money to the government for that transaction you failed to consult with your accountant about beforehand. What do you do now?

Leading a Nonprofit Organization? What You Might Not Know About Charitable Donations


By Chris Valponi, CPA 
Audit and Assurance Manager

As busy professionals, caregivers, and the like, we tend to put off until tomorrow that which isn't deemed critical today.  One such item that we cannot afford to delay is the filing of a beneficiary designation form.

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Nonprofit Filing Deadline Only Days Away


By Barbara Theofilos, CPA
Accounting and Tax Services Supervisor

The November 15th deadline for non-profit organizations is quickly approaching. This is the final due date for calendar year non-profit organizations that have taken advantage of the two extensions already available to them. This includes organizations that are required to file Form 990, Form 990EZ and the online filing of Form 990N. (Keep in mind that the 990N is only required to be filed electronically once every three years to maintain tax-exempt status).

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