We’ve compiled this newsletter to provide best practices, tips, and marketing inspiration to make your recruiting experience stand out.
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At Brazen, your success is what we strive for every day. That’s why we’ve compiled this newsletter: to provide creative and efficient ways to reach top candidates, hit your benchmarks, and improve your internal engagement. We’ll provide you with event and marketing inspiration to make your recruiting experience stand out from the crowd.

Stay tuned for periodic updates for achieving great results with Brazen.

- Team Brazen

Brush Up On Your Recruitment Marketing Skills
  1. Pick up your Recruiter Best Practices Guide to Brazen Events. Get the most out of your next online hiring event by learning what actions you should take before, during and after the event to ensure you're on track to meet your hiring quotas. 

  2. Join us on Wednesday, November 2nd at 3 PM ET for a [Webinar and Q & A] How Amita Health Attracts and Engages Nursing Candidates. Learn how Cathy Henesey, Director of Talent Acquisition and Worforce Planning, has acquired 300 new candidates in the past 60 days by hosting Brazen events.

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What’s New: User Home, API/Single Sign-On & Representative Enhancements

Over the last month, we’ve released several exciting new updates to make it easier to keep track of all the things you do with Brazen:

  1. User Home — a new welcome screen that shows you all of your upcoming (and previously attended) events in one place.
  2. API and Single Sign On (SSO) — tools that make it easier than ever to transfer data between Brazen and your back-office systems and cloud services.
  3. Representative Enhancements — user interface enhancements that make it easier for Representatives to quickly find their booths and begin chatting.
  4. Email Verification — your security is important to us. You will now be asked to verify the email address tied to your Brazen account.
[Spotlight] University of Phoenix Faculty Recruiting

Looking for inspiration for your next hiring event?

University of Phoenix recently held not one, but three separate hiring events to reach more job candidates. With more than a hundred registrants at each event, University of Phoenix was well on track for a successful hiring effort.

How did they do it?

  • Simple promotional language - they kept their messaging short and to the point
  • Relatable call-to-action - their call-to-action was empathetic and easily approachable - "share your knowledge - teach what you know."
  • #WeRise branded imagery and language - reflecting their Phoenix emblem, they used a #WeRise hashtag for these events, an emblem of their univeristy branding and inspirational sneak peak into university culture
Marketing Corner: Keep Your Brand At The Forefront During Hiring

Branding is everything when it comes to recruiting. It’s what sets us apart, gels our identity, and plays a central role in attracting the right kind of talent for your organization.

University of Phoenix keeps their #WeRise branding front and center across their digital channels — social media, email marketing, and their event landing page. Candidates who identify with the #WeRise sentiment are attracted to apply, allowing University of Phoenix to stay true to its mission.


What are the benefits?

  • Stand out to candidates who already know your brand
  • Attract candidates who identify with your brand

At the end of the day, you want to attract and hire talent who will fit into what you stand for as a company. Given that every new hire is a big investment, it pays dividends to take the time and effort to attract candidates who will thrive at your company.