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November 9, 2016



Digiday (11/9)

In the context of advertising and marketing, AI theoretically means more personalized and interactive consumer experience, including targeted programmatic ad buys, identification of site visitors’ decision-making patterns, conversational commerce like bots, as well as smarter search and recommendation engines on websites.

Adweek (11/9)

Today, the visual-sharing site is revamping its 16-month-old advertising program that gives tech companies access to its API to include 15 new players. Formerly known as Marketing Developer Partners, the name of Pinterest's new program has been shortened to Marketing Partners.

The Drum (11/8)

TechCrunch reports that the company has honed down ten bids to five with Japanese messaging app Line rumoured to be in the running for the app; it will likely not remunerate Twitter's $30m 2013 acquisition.


Adweek (11/8)

During a talk today at the Web Summit tech conference, Facebook vp of messaging David Marcus said advertisers for the first time are now be able to target users before bringing them into a one-on-one conversation that has something else: identity. 




Forbes (11/9)

In the not too distant future, cloud computing will become a ‘dispersed utility’ and we will come to regard it in much the same way that we view our other core utilities such as gas, water and electricity. This is the view of Dheeraj Pandey is his role as CEO and founder of Nutanix, a firm known for working with cloud-level infrastructure technologies.



Marketing Tech (11/8)

Initially, when Google announced they were working on a separate mobile index, many thought that we would end up with two mutually exclusive indexes. The big surprise in this announcement is that there is going to be a single mobile index that is going to be used for both desktop and mobile queries.

TechRepublic (11/8)

IBM is known for its cognitive computing platform, Watson, and its work on the Jeopardy game show. However, IBM's Mac Devine explained at the 2016 Structure Conference on Tuesday, that IBM's efforts in cognitive computing, big data, and IoT go beyond mere fun and games, and have real impact in the data center.

Marketing Land (11/8)

The benefits of programmatic are clear: Using data and technology increases efficiency and improves campaign performance. The next big question, though, is how to actually do it. When you’re ready to commit to programmatic advertising, what platform should you use?





MediaPost (11/8)

Released on Tuesday, the report surveyed 221 B2B marketers to find that Facebook is the top channel for paid targeting, with a 63% adoption rate vs. 39% for LinkedIn, and 36% for Twitter. Also, when B2B marketers were asked to identify leading obstacles to programmatic adoption, 42% cited targeting the right audience.
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