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Benefits of Therapy Dogs for Autistic Children - Autism [SLIDESHARE]

September 08, 2016 by Kinetic Kids, Inc.

The Incredible Benefits of Therapy Dogs for Autistic Children

Animal Assisted Therapy - Kinetic Kids, Inc.

A therapy dog is specially trained to deal with, monitor and handle a child’s behavior.  Aside from keeping an eye on them, he will help your child with his motor skills as well.  Tossing a ball to his dog daily is going to help him. Here are some other reasons a therapy dog will be great for your child with autism:

  • Reduce wandering episodes:  Autistic children can have a tendency to wander off and get lost quickly. Kids in general are very good at this, not just those on the spectrum!  Having a therapy dog will help to keep your child safe because the dog will be keeping an eye on your child and when he gets too far, he will circle your child and bark to get your attention, keeping your child free from the dangers of wandering.

  • A calming presence: A therapy dog is trained to remain calm during emotional outbursts.  In return, the child should understand that the dog is there to help comfort him, whatever that means to him, petting or hugging him.
  • Help to reduce repetitive movements: Rocking back and forth can at times last for long periods of time and become forceful on the child’s part.  A therapy dog can help to reduce that time or even the forcefulness of their movements.  Dogs are very observant and often detect things before we humans do.  Therapy dogs for autistic children can be trained to interrupt the child during this behavior and even help prevent the onset by interacting with the child.

  • Incredible bond: If you have dogs, you understand how they can detect your moods and needs and they always seem to know when you need them close.  It is this uncanny ability of dogs to ‘just know’ that is priceless when it comes to an autistic child who has difficulty expressing himself with words.

Here at Kinetic Kids, use of one of our four, certified therapy dogs is absolutely FREE for our families!

This is a complimentary service with ALL therapy sessions!!  YAY!!!!!

Like Yoga?

Did you know that yoga is great for children with autism? This form of exercise is a nice way to calm and increase one's ability to concentrate, which is helpful for those who are in school!  

Check out the following slideshare on some awesome yoga poses that enhances a child's ability to destress and focus:

Yoga Poses That Help Kids Destress & Focus

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