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Hi Friend,

Is evidence-based marketing and PR the new Holy Grail? Maybe yes, maybe no. You tell me, in increasing numbers, that you're already there. Already using data to drive key decisions. 

But what KIND of data? As in oils, all data is not good data. There's that good fat (avocado) then there's the evil bad (trans) fat. I mean data... #foodobsessed

So if we stick with the data that both tastes good, and is good, we might sensibly look at some interesting metrics for our online PR. Data that reveals participation velocity, social equity, reciprocity, reputation (nothin' new about that one), self-proclaimed data (add salt) and social graph data.

In this week's blog we're looking at the value data adds to your PR strategy. I can't make fries good for you. But I can veer towards a less bad cooking oil. Better metrics should leave a good a taste in your mouth and the smug feeling that comes from making good choices.  



Big data can help create great PR campaigns

Data doesn't have to be as big and scary as it sounds. First, use data to better understand your customers, clients and stakeholders and then, tailor your message.


Datafloq breaks it down for us here, showing us why we need it, where to find it and how to use it. 

Using data in your PR strategy

Let's be frank. Many of us in PR and marketing prefer words over numbers. Those of us in financial services kinda know that's not good enough. Or we sure as hell are getting told that.

So for us here, words have meaning but numbers are proof

In this week's blog, we show you how to use different types of data to drive growth in your campaigns whether it is through the number of media mentions, eyeballs on your page or ultimately, your bottom line.



What's mind-boggling about Pumpkin spice and podvertising?

I don't know either. 

But my social feeds are loaded with overtly filtered photos of spiced coffee. And ads I voluntarily consume. Unlike Halloween Starbucks.

What's going on here? Well, figures show, that's just what the world is coming to. Check out these crazy stats that will make you go #truth #relatable.