Managing your reputation leads to a better bottom line. If you're a Kardashian it also leads to a better bottom.

Hi Friend,

We've heard it all before, managing your reputation leads to a better bottom line. If you're a Kardashian, it also leads to a better bottom. 

But how do you get there in the first place?

Better financials that is!

In this week's blog we look at five initiatives you should implement in the early stages of your business and KEEP doing. 

Well, regardless of bottoms - Kim's, Kourtney's or Khloe's, reputation is what we do. 



Managing Brand Reputation: Using social signals to build trust and credibility

Tracking your audiences' social conversations can play a vital role in managing your brand reputation. How?

Newswhip suggests a "how-to" that outlines the use of social signals to help brands be more proactive and get ahead of the pack.

Reputation Risk Management: our top 5 to do list

Reputation is what differentiates a brand, firm, company and individual from its competitors. If you damage your reputation, you'll be sure to see a direct hit to your bottom line (We're looking at you Volkswagen...)

In this week's blog, we're giving you a step-by-step guide to managing reputational risks.



What happens when politicians have a brain snap...

Ever zoned out in a meeting? Or simply not known how to respond to probing questions from a journalist, stakeholder and/or angry significant other?

But when you're the frontman/woman of a nation, your reputation is on the line 24/7 (Abbott and his infamous #sh*thappens comment anyone?)

We're doing a throwback this week to have a little chuckle at this compilation of #lolfails by some of Australia's pollies.