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Weingarten Realty’s River Oaks Shopping Center is one of Houston’s
most prestigious and historic specialty centers. Located in the heart
of the city, River Oaks offers a wide variety of national and one-of-a-kind retailers, upscale restaurants and serves some of Houston’s most
affluent neighborhoods.

To achieve River Oaks’ goal of increasing brand awareness, infinitee implemented an innovative, three-tiered media strategy utilizing integrated, digital marketing efforts across multiple platforms and mediums. By securing local bloggers who have a strong community influence, coupled with paid placement and social media management, infinitee assisted River Oaks in garnering the highest engagement received to date on social media. 1.29 M impressions were achieved over the course of the 30-day campaign. In addition, the campaign secured new followers, driving onsite traffic and increased brand awareness with a total investment of only $11,000. Successful analytical highlights of the campaign can be viewed below.

between2016-AUG-RO Influencer
Influencer Marketing: The first tier consisted of influencer marketing. Four local Houston bloggers with a total potential reach of 116,436 followers were incentivized with gifts from participating retailers. These bloggers not only wrote unique blogs highlighting what a great time they had shopping at River Oaks Shopping Center, but also shared 35 social media posts through their individual social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, garnering 5,836 impressions.
between2016-AUG-RO paid
Paid Media: The second tier included paid placements across five digital mediums including Display Network, Retargeting, Mobile In-App, Facebook and Instagram advertising. The Mobile In-App alone generated 419 clicks to River Oaks’ website, with paid placements garnering 574,262 overall impressions.
between2016-AUG-RO results

Results: The final component of the integrated marketing strategy consisted of social media efforts on River Oaks' profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 641 and 136 new followers on Facebook and Instagram, respectively, and 221,129 views were garnered on Google+ alone, receiving 245,306 overall impressions on River Oaks’ social media platforms.

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