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Who we are

As an IT Seal Team we conquer the challenges of a fast paced, evolving technology environment. With business on our mind and IT expertise trained into habit, we are called on to complete your most difficult missions.


Headquartered in San Diego, California with a regional office in Aliso Viejo, Bird Rock Systems was started in 2003 by Jim Matteo on the waves of a world renowned surf spot in La Jolla, CA, known as Bird Rock. Jim recognized that today’s companies need trusted solutions providers with the specialized information technology skills to service increasingly complex business goals.


Bird Rock Systems specializes in Datacenter, Security, Collaboration, and Mobility. As business goals evolve with innovative technologies, we have consistently expanded our core capabilities, services, and solutions enabling our customers to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


As technology advocates dedicated to building strong relationships, Bird Rock Systems goes above and beyond for our loyal customers. Holding a strong culture of life balance, integrity, and giving back to our community, Bird Rock Systems strives to Make IT Better!

“The people at Bird Rock Systems have been great to work with over the years. They have a strong engineering team that is knowledgeable on tech solutions that support our business. They have incredible customer service and are very responsive to our needs.” -Neil Palmer, Global IT Director , Encore Capital Group

OUR values



Build Strong Relationships


Life Balance

Family, Work, Personal, Fun



Be an Advocate



Always Do the Right Thing


Customer Service

Above and Beyond


Give Back

Impact Our Community

Our Management Team

Jim Matteo


Defining Story: When I was 9 years old I asked my father for a go kart. As the youngest of 10 kids in the family I would frequently ask for things. My father said that I could have whatever I wanted. This got my attention and I immediately asked how. He said I just had to go out and work for it. That was the start of my entrepreneurial journey and what defines me as a CEO. I feel that we can achieve all of our goals in life through hard work and commitment. Background: Jim Matteo founded Bird Rock Systems on the waves in 2003 at one of his favorite surf spots, Bird Rock. Since inception, Jim has built a company with 13 years of consecutive growth and profitability and continues to bring tremendous value to his customers by creating a world class company culture. In 2012, Jim was awarded the EO- San Diego, Entrepreneur of the Year Award. His vision to provide ‘Best in Class’ technical solutions and customer services is rooted from his company’s core values.


Joseph Javien

Services Director

Defining Story: In my 2nd year at Bird Rock Systems, I had the sole responsibility to host and run our annual Del Mar Race Track event. I was out of my element managing partners, customers and event logistics. Being one of our major events of the year, I had a huge responsibility to represent Bird Rock Systems. Needless to say, I was very nervous, but I rose to the occasion and delivered. With Jim’s belief in me and my ability to be teachable, I was able to overcome any fears of failing. Working at Bird Rock Systems has been a series of opportunities to step out of my comfort zone. Every day I am compelled to lead by example and face challenges head on. This is the only way we grow and continuously improve. Background: Since Joseph received his first Packard Bell Pentium II PC as a kid, he has had an interest in technology. Graduating from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Decision Systems in 2005, he naturally pursued a career in IT. In 2006, Joseph joined Bird Rock Systems as a Sales Specialist II. Since then, he has risen through the ranks to the Services Director role. With a passion for team success, Joseph seeks opportunities for improvement, motivation and coaching company wide.


Brianna Woo

Operations Director

Defining Story: While in college I worked as a server at a local restaurant. As a server there were two types of shifts, server and food runner. The food runners job was to run large trays of food to customers. Being 5ft nothing I thought there was no way I could ever carry those huge trays until one day I got thrown in the fire. I had no other choice but to lean in to fear and just do it. After that moment, food running had become my favorite shift and customers would look at me in awe as I danced across the restaurant carrying trays bigger than me! I believe we can all achieve great things just by pushing ourselves to take that first step and try! Background: In 2009, Brianna graduated from SDSU with a degree in Business Finance. She started at Bird Rock shortly after graduating as the Operations Specialist I. Over the span of 7 years she has worked her way up to become the Operations Director. As an integral piece to Bird Rock Systems success, Brianna has dedicated her career to business growth, customer satisfaction, and building a strong company culture.


George Carpenter

Regional Sales Director

In a rock band after high school, I spent hours troubleshooting broken amps, microphones, cables and guitars even if they weren't mine. That led me to tech school that helped me fix things, work smarter and eventually an engineering degree. To this day, as a sales leader, I look for the best way to efficiently solve customer's problems with the customer’s best interest always in mind. In life, whether personal or work related, sincerely helping others resolve problems or achieve their goals creates long term trusting relationships. Background: For the last 15 years, George has worked in the solution provider/systems integration space helping customers solve their most critical problems and reach their vison of stabilizing and optimizing IT to improve overall business. George was consistently a top sales leader year over year with awards for the largest sale in company history ($17M), top sales producer nationally, consistent President Club and Circle of Excellence recipient. In 2015, following his love and passion to fix, build, and solve problems, George joined Bird Rock Systems to help customers achieve success in Orange County and Los Angeles.


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