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How can we build 'the good society'?

'The good society' is one in which people have access to food, shelter, health, education, employment, civic participation, culture, rest, recreation, and each other. To achieve these things we need an evidence base to measure whether we are meeting our objectives as a community.

Do we have adequate access to housing? How are our living arrangements changing? How are our local economies changing and do we have adequate access to employment? What skills do we need to adapt to economic change? Are we planning adequately for our schools; our care of the aged; and our disabled? How is our cultural mix changing and how do we achieve and maintain social cohesion? Are our electoral boundaries fair?

In Australia, our ability to answer these questions is possibly under threat. The ABS decision to keep name-identified data longer has sparked a protest about 'Big Brother' implications. While these concerns about protecting our privacy are serious and important, very little is actually changing with how the ABS are conducting the Census. The ABS have always collected names and addresses with the Census and they employ well-established practices to protect our privacy. Glenn explores this matter in detail in his blog: Is your Census information safe?

Providing demographic and economic information in the Census is a central part of participating in our democracy and expressing our community mindedness is a great tradition in Australia and New Zealand, so we should be very careful not to do anything to undermine this essential resource.

This is a sincere appeal to all Australians to contribute to our democracy by simply and accurately filling in the Census form on 9 August.

Author Ivan

Census 2016

Is Australia losing its religion?



It is said that you should never discuss religion, sex or politics. Although religion is the question on the Census that tends to cause the most discussion. From a Census perspective, is Australia losing its religion?

Census 2016

Is your Census information safe? Privacy in the spotlight



With the 2016 Census almost upon us, the issue of data privacy and security has been in the media spotlight again. What are some of the key changes to the Census and how secure is your information? Does it really infringe on your privacy?



Standin’ on a corner – are bypassed towns doomed to die?



When a town is bypassed by major highways, our reactions are often along the economic lines - that the town will no longer get through traffic and this will impact on local businesses. Is that necessarily the case? What does happen to towns when they’re bypassed by major highways? Are they doomed, or does it present other opportunities?


New Zealand

Population forecasts reveal the future of Hutt City



Hutt City is located just north of Wellington City at the bottom of New Zealand’s North Island. It plays an important role in the region, both demographically and economically. How will Hutt City change over the next 30 years? What are some of the drivers influencing change and the implications they may have on the city as well as the Greater Wellington region?


Inside .id

Important Census dates for your diary



The Australian 2016 Census is almost upon us! At .id, we are very excited (as evident from our blogs) and are preparing to incorporate the 2016 data when it is released mid next year. We are looking to update our local government sites as soon as possible after the release of Census data in June 2017. The first topics will be updated within two weeks after the release. For more information, stay tuned to our blog!


Final word

Why do we need a Census in 2016 anyway?



We often get asked, "Why do we need a Census anyway?" or "What is all the fuss about?" As it turns out, there are many compelling reasons why the Census is an important exercise on both national and local levels. For one, it helps local governments plan services for you and your family now and in the future. What are some of the reasons why we need a Census?


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