Education Elements August 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter

On Our Minds:


Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dallas, Orlando and the Importance of Getting Personal

While in many months what is “on our minds” has a clear link to the districts we work with and things happening in personalized learning, this month it seems more important to reflect on the horrific events that occurred during the month of July and their impact on all of us and our students.  In conversations we have had as a team around processing the events, one thing that has come up is the importance of knowing your students  including where they come from, what they think and worry about, and what impact events in their lives and in the outside world has on them.  So often we focus on the elements of personalized learning that are related to technology (digital content), learning style (pace, modality), etc., but it is of critical importance to remember that personalized learning is about all of the ways we can make it personal.  Knowing how they learn is not enough, nor is knowing what they have they learned so far, nor is knowing their interests at the beginning of the year.  We need to constantly be checking in; we need to keep on asking questions to understand how the way they are experiencing the world is shaping them.  As we gear up for back to school, we are looking forward to discussions with district leaders, school leaders and teachers both about this critical element of personalized learning, as well as around how we can all work together to create a world in which the color of one’s skin does not make him or her a target for violence.

Partner Spotlight


Educating Our Future Voters

VE_logo.pngVoters Ed gives students an understanding of the history and process behind Presidential elections in the United States.  This is a web-based application with optional lesson plans that complements any U.S. History or Social Studies class.  Highlight users can log into their Voters Ed accounts with a single click.  Perfect for blended learning environments, this program can be used individually or with teacher-led sessions.

The 2016 Presidential Election is right around the corner, and Voters Ed makes it easy for classrooms to follow the election process up through Election Day.  The program includes:

  • Weekly Poll data for candidates with interactive prediction maps  allowing teachers and students to forecast the outcome of the election state-by-state.
  • Primary Pursuit enabling classrooms to relive the primaries leading up to the 2016 general election with detailed information on each candidate, their delegate counts, and entry / exit dates.
  • Detailed primers on two of the most discussed aspects of the process – the Electoral College and the Primary system.
  • Lesson plans tied to curriculum standards and grade levels, as well as FAQs, making the learning process extremely interactive.

Beyond the current election, Voters Ed offers a rich history of every Presidential election in our nation’s history.  Along with information on past candidates and key issues of the time, Voters Ed has interesting facts and state-by-state results for both popular and electoral votes.  During an election year or in the middle of a presidential term, Voters Ed is a fantastic addition to any social studies or government classroom.


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  • iNACOL Symposium, San Antonio, TX, Oct 25-28.  Don’t miss our 5 sessions with district leaders from 13 different school districts at The Blended and Online Learning Symposium.  Also be on the lookout for info about our booth, parties and more!

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