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Enterprise Connectivity News  |  US  |  August 12, 2016

The content in this newsletter is a summary of the news on the eConnect online platform, so for those on eConnect powered by SAVO, be sure to login daily to get the news first! Please provide feedback to

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Make the Most of Data Center Space without Oversizing White Paper
WhitePaper.jpgSpace utilization inside a data center is a delicate balancing act. How can you make sure your data center provides everything you need today, but will also be ready for whatever you have to add in six months (or six years)? Instead of designing your infrastructure system to be “grown into,” it should be designed for flexibility and scalability to optimize space without requiring a huge footprint. Click here to learn more.

New Resources for 4K Coax
Coaxial_Solutions_for_4K_PB00066_BAV_BDC_0716_A_AG_Page_1.jpgA number of resources are now available for education and promotion of 4794R, the new coax for 4K/UHDTV applications in broadcast. The new product bulletin lays out on one page why Belden recommends 4794R for 12G-SDI and on the reverse page shows which cables are now rated to support 6G. Download it and other resources here: [eConnect Users|Non-eConnect Users]. For a brief 15 min. training course on what these terms mean and to learn about the products, login to Belden University and add the new course P109-BAV: 4K 12GHz and 6GHz Coax Cables.

Belden Locations Map
Map.jpgWe have developed a locations map with all of the Belden locations for use with any sales proposals or when introducing yourself to your customers as a global partner. We are working with the digital team to develop a dynamic map on our Website. While the map is under development, Click here for a map you can use in the meantime.

Pins are color-coded by location type Blue=Division Office, Yellow=Regional Sales Office, Red=Manufacturing Facility and Green=Distribution Center. Please notify Lisa Williams if there are any locations missing from either of these maps with details around the location so that we can get it added to our master list.

We have also created a PDF version of this map. Click here to download the PDF.

Copper Catalog Restock
CopperCatalog.jpgAs many of you may already know, we have been out of stock for the Copper Systems Catalog for a short time.

We were trying to time the reprint around the launch of REVConnect, however with the delays have decided to do a short-run print of our supply. Stock will be available to order on eDesk next week.

What is LEED?
LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, provides guidelines for buildings that are resource efficient, use less energy & water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

LEED.jpgThe newest version of LEED is designed to better focus on the materials used in a project. This is where Belden fits in. Through several certification processes, Belden's products are being awarded with EPDs, MHAs, and HPDs to help our customers reach their LEED certification goals. For more details, visit us at:

New Digital Resources Page
NewDigital-1.jpgWe have created a new eConnect page with digital resources that can be used at trade shows or events. This page can be found under the "Events" tab in the navigation of eConnect.It has a list of MP4s and PPT presentations that you can display either on an iPad, laptop, or even a monitor if you are attending or sponsoring an event or show. Click here to access this page.

FiberExpress Brilliance Promotion
Components-features-bag.jpgWith a single purchase of 500 qualifying FX Brilliance Universal connectors, any contractor or installer is eligible to receive one FREE FX Brilliance Precision Installation Kit (including a Precision Cleaver), a $3285 USD value.

Qualifying purchases must be made between July 1, 2016 and October 14, 2016 from a Belden authorized distributor. Click here to learn more.

Data Center Webinar 2016

Market_Icons_Data_Centers.pngSpeaker: Qing Xu, Technology and Applications Manager, Optical Fiber Systems

The “Cloud Migration” is no longer an emergent trend but an on-going action that takes place in most organizations to meet the booming bandwidth and computing/storage capacity needs. This presentation will provide a general overview of the data center trends and the ecosystem that comprises of “hyperscale DC”, “MTDC”, and “enterprise DC”. We will also provide system interconnects recommendations from Belden’s perspective. 
eConnect users click here to learn more. 

REVConnect UTP and STP Installation Videos (Internal Only)


REVConnect UTP and STP installation videos are now available on the REVConnect product page. The installation videos are intended for learning the termination process and are not released externally yet. Please submit any questions you have in eConnect. Once the product has externally launched, these videos will be made available on our YouTube channel for external use. *This asset is not available to non-eConnect users at this time

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