At this week's FSC annual gathering (now called the Leaders Summit) I had the chance to sit back a bit and have a think.
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At this week's FSC annual gathering (now called the Leaders Summit) I had the chance to sit back a bit and have a think.

It occurs to me that - in very simple terms - a few social contracts have been broken recently.

One, well articulated by ISN, is the implied deal between the government and all wage earning Australians that goes like this: "You save for your retirement, and we'll give you tax breaks and keep the system stable". Oops.

Another contract is between banks, financial planners, life insurers and fund managers and Australians with money to invest. That one says "This stuff is complex. We can't explain it easy but if you trust us we'll do the right thing". Mmmm.

This week's blog goes into the social contracts - where are we now and what should we doas an industry to repair them? Can ASIC really solve it? No, nor should they. But self-regulation may.

Another (weird!) example of a broken social contract is Melania Trump's plagiarised speech at the Republic National Convention. It hasn't had quite the impact Trump's campaign cronies would have hoped for (#understatement). But then if you do the wrong thing it's never going to turn out right, is it?



Dear finance industry, your PR doesn't have to be boring. 

Remember that time your financial services brand got featured in Vogue?

No? We don't either. 

It's amazing how far your brand message can go when you think a little creatively. ANZ's #equalfuture campaign launched on International Women's day hits the spot right in the intersection between #seriousissue and #seriouslyinteresting. Oh, and it won 6 Cannes Lions. Check out this Business News article covering the campaign. 

Turning the trust deficit into a surplus - financial services must start keeping promises

Super has become a flogged-to-death topic this election season. The media has had a field day weighing in, rather disparagingly, on the proposed changes, going so far as citing a "super breach of trust" by the Turnbull government. 

Mass discontent and lost seats later, how many Australians will actually be affected by these changes? Just 4%. 

The public outcry surrounding the issue demonstrates the importance of upholding the social contract between the government and the community, or at least maintaining the perception of such - and one way to do this is through clear public communication.

Read more from MD Carden in this reflection piece post-FSC Leaders Summit





We're calling it: Melania Trump's massive faux pas is officially one of the most embarrassing moments of this century, dominating headlines and spawning its own trending hashtag.

The bizarre incident even sparked speechwriter Rickroll theories as a possible explanation of how something this ridiculous could actually happen. This video comparing her speech with Michelle's has got nearly 2.5 million views. People are going nuts over this.

And understandably so. This act of plagiarism, especially in such a public and outright manner, might just be the ultimate breach of an unspoken social contract. 

Check out these best-of-the-best #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes circulating on Twitter and see if you can stop yourself from letting out a chuckle or two.