Spring is around the corner - let Modern Concierge help you find more time to create a life you love.

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March 2021

More time to create a life you love
Are you finding a few moments a day to reflect amongst this chaotic time of history? March 11th marks the anniversary of the day Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. It’s hard to believe how much our world changed in a way that none of us anticipated.
The good news is that spring is coming and warm weather is on the horizon. As most regions in the Toronto area start to open up, it's going to be time to go out and enjoy the great outdoors. Why not let us take some of those boring personal tasks off your hand so you can make up for lost time?
In the meantime, check out some of the awesome virtual events happening this month as well as our favourite Ted Talks!
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We're bringing the party to you. Check out our virtual events below - for our members in the Greater Toronto Area.
There are still a few spots available. Click here to Register.
Interested in hosting a virtual event with friends or colleagues? Send us an email and tell us what you'd like to do!


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Inspiring TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

In life, we often face situations where we don't know what step to take next and it can get confusing when we doubt ourselves. Habits, choices, and the ability to change your focus and mentality are all part of moving forward and upward - whether it's business or in your personal life. 

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40 Things a Concierge Service Can Do for You

A concierge service arranges any aspect of your life that you want, so you can maximize your free time. This ranges from planning holidays and booking restaurants, to helping run your everyday life (finding a good cleaner, the best gym, a gift for a loved one, etc).

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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Hire a Personal Assistant

One of the most challenging aspects of business management is managing your time between work and home. Without a personal administrative assistant, this can be extremely stressful. You can get weighed down by small tasks that can take up much of your time, leaving you to compromise on bigger involvements that are crucial to your business. 

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Top 3 Reasons You Need a Concierge, Even if You Have an EA!

If you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a CEO, you likely have an Executive Assistant. Someone whom you can delegate your business and day-to-day tasks. As a personal concierge company, we speak with people who have EA’s all the time, and the question always comes up.

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