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June 2016

Housing, jobs, health & education

It is almost a cliche to be cynical and exasperated by an election campaign. But the themes of housing, employment, health and education currently being debated by politicians during the Australian election, are consistent with the concerns of many of .id's clients.

Housing: While the housing debate at the federal level is about how taxation policy can influence housing supply and the consumption behaviors of investors, at .id we see housing being central to the social health and the economic productivity of places. Our clients are typically interested in who is consuming what types of housing and how housing supply can address the needs of the community.

Jobs: Access to jobs and how places are adapting to the 'new economy' are important themes to much of our work. This is why we monitor annual shifts in jobs by industry, providing our clients with insights into how they can understand and influence the provision of employment.

Health: While the federal election health debate is largely about funding hospitals and healthcare, the interests of .id's clients include understanding the health status of communities and what preventative measures can be taken to address obesity and diabetes. Our clients are also interested in measuring the magnitude of aging related illness and disability.

Education: Understanding how the education needs of communities at the local level are changing provides profound insights into how schools and universities can most effectively design their facilities and provide their services. While .id's services to education planning provide significant productivity increases in this sector, we know that nothing can replace funding to provide excellent teachers and research.

It is important to contribute to these important contemporary themes which is why so much of our consulting effort is going into housing, employment, health and education. Oh, and to our Australian readers, make your vote count!

Author Ivan


Spotlight on Footscray’s changing housing market



In a rapidly growing and gentrifying area, what are the implications for community facilities? To answer this question, our consulting team took a deep dive into the changing housing market in Footscray, a rapidly changing suburb in Melbourne.


Economic insight

Understanding the relationship between population and employment projections



The relationship between demographic information and employment statistics is often ambiguous and not immediately clear to us. How does population growth affect employment projections? How can this information help us plan for the future?


New Zealand

Building regional forecast knowledge in the Wellington Region



How do regional population growth, migration and movement affect local populations? Using the Wellington region as case study, this is a story about the impact of regional knowledge on population forecasts for local areas.


Inside .id

What's new?



To continually improve the services we provide to our clients, we are implementing new features and functionality to our products. In the last few weeks, we have addded two important features to our sites: 'search' and 'feedback' buttons. Check out the the latest updates here! 


Final word

Understanding census data - are investors responsible for all the vacant dwellings?



Recently the City Futures Research Centre at the UNSW published a blog article that suggested that there was a link between vacant dwellings and rental yields. It used the vacant dwelling data from the 2011 Census which was intriguing, particularly the conclusion that the high number of vacant dwellings was contributing to the problem of housing supply, and putting upward pressure on housing prices. But are investors really responsible for all the vacant dwellings?
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