JUNE 2016

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Lyra_Lupsa.jpgIndonesia, is a country of 17000 islands, 700 living languages, and 6 official religions. If ever there was a pilot project for the World Game this is it! Lyra Puspa, a coach trainer lives on the island of Java.   And with more and more students graduating from their training it seems natural that they form a community for coaches to support one another in getting established. They called the group Coachnesia. Lyra says, “It started with a willingness to support learning, each other, and a REAL coaching community with a sense of WE.”


From us, for us, through us

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Coachnesia’s began hosting monthly gatherings where eventually ideas began to emerge and be shared. It was in this togetherness that a question also grew.


What does it mean to be a coach?

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Lyra, having recently returned from the World Game Conference in Istabul, Turkey brought synergy to their answer and the group arranged a conference of local leaders who were actively building projects with World Game potential.


Offer coaching to any brilliant ideas that are already there!

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Thirteen leader-coach World Games partnerships were seeded, of those six World Game projects are currently active and growing. The projects range from farming, prostitution reskilling, to healthcare, education, and public safety.


Lyra says there is a key component to being a Word Game coach.


Being and becoming the sky

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What other key insights does Lyra offer you as a coach stepping into your World Game?

               * Organizational structure from the beginning creates success.
               * Monitoring progress is a part of a successful structure.
               * Having viable communication channels in place are essential. 
               * The time frame of each World Game is important to place within its culture.
               * If some WG don’t last, they teach us what makes others move forward.




Simon_Anholt.pngSimon Anholt founder of the Good Country Index and TED presenter moves his World Game forward with an invitation to participate in the Global Vote


“It’s the most important thing I've ever done,” says Simon. “For the first time in history, WE are going to vote in each others’ elections. Because the way every country is run affects the whole planet and the whole of humanity. So the whole of humanity should have its say in who runs those countries.”


Up till now, there has been no such thing as international democracy. Now it’s within our grasp. I hope you will enjoy making this a reality for us. Starting with the Icelandic Presidential Elections and the UK’s EU membership referendum at the end of June, 2016 we’ll be offering an election every few weeks including the US Presidential Election in November. Review the candidates and vote.


The more of us who vote, the more impact WE will have. Can I ask you to spread the link around your own friends, family and networks?


What ideas do you already have about how WE can work together to get more of us voting, and more media talking about it? email me at


Sincerely, Simon


By Mark Fournier 

I train on a myriad of topics from ‘Transformational Leadership’ to ‘Creating your very own Dream Team’… but of all the topics I cover, my favorite one to share is ‘Fun & Games’ because… well… its FUN!


Fun & Games is about the power of ‘games’ to engage your ‘audience’… whether you’re standing on a stage or sending out a blog in hopes of ‘engaging’ others in your ‘World Game mission’.


Why is ‘audience engagement’ important? That’s easy…

have you haveUntitled-1.png ever been in an audience where you weren’t engaged? Ever get bored, antsy, restless, or distracted? Even during a 1-on-1 conversation, or while reading a blog? Sure you have… we ALL have. Which means… the person delivering the message wasn’t achieving their objective…


It even happens with professional speakers. Ever check your text or emails during a speech… or simply drift off, drop your eyes or worse yet… drool? I once fell out of my chair! I totally passed out in the middle of a talk. The good news is that all the ruckus I made woke everyone else up too… (even the speaker).


So when it comes to delivering your message… regardless of the audience or venue, you need to get and keep their attention, and ‘games’ can do that. 

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