SynergEyes Insight this month covers new tools to track annual supply compliance, tear exchange research for hybrid lenses, and more.
SynergEyes Insight
May 10, 2016

The Role of Annual Supplies in Compliance

As we all know, compliance with recommended contact lens replacement schedules can influence many positive outcomes, such as:
  • Patient vision, comfort and satisfaction with contact lenses
  • Patient Eye Health
  • Patient Compliance with Annual Exam Schedule
  • Practice Profitability and Success
Industry knowledge, as well as SynergEyes’ own data, shows that patients are much more likely to adhere to their lens replacement schedule when they have fresh lenses on hand.1 Annual supplies play an important role in providing that fresh set of lenses.
To encourage annual supply orders in support of replacement compliance, a new feature has been added to the SynergEyes RxConnect portal to help practices easily keep track of patients due for lens reorders, or annual supply 2-pack completions. Two new tabs have been added to the Rx Connect toolbar to facilitate access to these lists (Patients Due for Reorder, and 2-Pack Completions Due). The information can be viewed by practice, or by prescribing OD. Click here to visit RxConnect.
1. Compliance Before, During and After Contact Lens Wear:  Contact Lens Spectrum
More SynergEyes and Industry News

Tear Exchange in Hybrid Lenses:
How Good Is It? (video)

Roxana Hemmati, O.D., recently completed a clinical study on tear exchange in hybrid lenses, and presented the results at the Global Contact Lens Symposium. Hear Dr. Hemmati’s insights into how the UltraHealth hybrid lens design enhances tear exchange, and how the rate of tear exchange in hybrid lenses compares to other lens modalities, including sclerals.


Article from In Focus

Presenting Premium Specialty Lenses: The Image of a Specialty Doctor by Amy Hellem

The days when patients dare not question a doctor’s authority are definitely behind us. Instead, patients show up for appointments full of ideas about what condition they have and how a “real expert” ought to treat it. In essence, patients have turned healthcare on its heels, positioning themselves as the experts, while expecting the doctor to simply fill their requests.


Duette Progressive Outperforms a Leading Monthly Multifocal Soft Contact Lens

A recent clinical study conducted by Montani Giancarlo, Optometrist, FIACLE, FBCLA, revealed that Duette Progressive lenses statistically outperform a leading monthly multifocal on both subjective and objective measurements.  Duette Progressive provides superior performance on distance, intermediate, and near vision, and overall lens satisfaction as well.  In addition, Duette Progressive provides both superior near and distance visual acuity.


Vision Plan Reference Sheet

Are you or your staff ever frustrated trying to figure out how to bill vision insurance plans for medically necessary contact lenses?  It can be challenging to navigate the reimbursement maze. With the help of your fellow ECPs, SynergEyes has compiled a reference sheet to help provide some general information:

  • Overview of coverage criteria and procedures for filing visually necessary contact lenses for VSP, EyeMed, Davis Vision and Spectera
  • How to use a V2599 code for hybrid lenses with VSP and EyeMed

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Coding Guide for Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

Do you have a specialty contact lens practice?  Is it taking too much time to look up the new ICD-10 codes?  If so, download the Coding Cross-Over Reference Sheet developed by SynergEyes to help independent eye care professionals who prescribe medically necessary contact lenses to their patients. 

Download the ICD-9 to ICD-10 Crossover Reference Sheet
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