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New Guide:  Avoiding Code Violations

Guide: Avoid The Cost Of Code ViolationsDownload our new guide on, “How To Avoid Code Violations”. Building codes are in place to protect all of us, and there’s no doubt that they’ve saved many lives by improving construction standards and materials over time.  As a commercial building owner or manager, however, there are few things that threaten the bottom line more than potential code violations. The trouble is depending on the location of your property, the local building code and practices can vary.

Buying Real Estate This Spring?

Watch us here on the HGTV Series Flip or Flop. The buyers of a residential investment property really wished they’d call us first before negotiating the price.  Sometimes hidden inside those classic 50 to 125-year old Victorian, Craftsman or Modern structures are serious problems that should reduce the price in your favor. Get the estimates to renovate and repair upfront with the backing of a professional team.

Costly Deferred Maintenance

Rusty StairsIs the commercial, rental or HOA property that you own suffering from deferred maintenance? You’d be surprised at what it can cost to fix the damage caused by poor maintenance practices. The owners of an apartment complex called us because their tenants were complaining about a shaky exterior staircase and landing leading to the units atop the second story of their complex.  Learn more by reading how good old fashioned maintenance could have prevented a very expensive repair job.

Free Initial Consultation

Ask us about our Free Initial Consultation if you have questions about structural problems with your property. We’re engineering specialists working with home owners, insurance claims, lawsuits and other problems relating to property and structures.

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