March 2016

If you can't track it, don't do it!

Watch my video above for a tip on how to become a metric driven team.

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As you set goals for your golf course maintenance team's future, creating a method of tracking its progress or failure is key to ensure you continually drive the ball forward.

Whether your goals are production oriented (How long does it take my best and worst tech to mow the fairways?), talent oriented (How many of my people need to become certified assistant superintendents?), or plant results oriented (What level is my CEC?), selecting a metric or key performance indicator (KPI) to track will allow you to increase your chances for success. 

Click on the video above for a tip on how to become a metric driven team and increase your chances of reaching your goals. 

Barrett Ersek

Holganix CEO

Organic golf course
Boosting Biology at Crooked Stick Golf Club

“One of the things I noticed initially was that we were getting the same results with less inputs," says Jake Gargasz, Superintendent of Crooked Stick. "That’s because we were breaking down thatch and unlocking nutrients that weren’t being utilized by the plant.” Click the button below to read more about Jake's results with Holganix. 

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Organic Fertilizer for Flowers
5 Reasons to use Holganix Bloom in your program!

April showers may bring May flowers, but Holganix Bloom is what makes them pop! Flowers treated with Holganix are more vigorous and colorful despite being able to drastically reduce synthetic inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should include Holganix Bloom in your plant health care program!

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soil science
FREE: Digging into Soil Science Ebook

Ready to dig into soil science? We've got your back. Download our ebook to explore different parts of the natural symphony of the soil including: 

1. The soil food web 

2. Soil microorganisms

3. How to improve the health of your soil

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Organic flower fertilizer
Webinar: Q&A with Brandon Haley on Holganix Bloom

Need more information on Holganix Bloom? Sit down with Red Diamond Grounds Manager, Brandon Haley and discuss how Holganix Bloom has been instrumental in his program. Register to learn: 

1. The sceince behind Holganix Bloom

2. Award winning Grounds Manager, Brandon Haley's experience with Holganix Bloom

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