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March 2016

It’s not all about the Baby Boomers*

As a baby boomer I feel a responsibility to inform you, “It’s not all about the baby boomers”*.

I have attended a few presentations lately where we learn of the unsettling impacts of the demographic and economic shifts afoot - ‘Change is the only constant!’ we are told. We are encouraged to feel somewhat fearful of the uncertain economic times driven by the new economy and the demographic shifts driven by the ageing baby boomers.

While some of this may be true, there are lesser acknowledged demographic changes going on that the peddlers of ‘Change is the only constant’ do not seem to be keeping up with. Growth will in fact be experienced in every age group as Australia grows to 28 million people by 2026; the so-called baby boomers are only one of three important growth segments of the population. The other two are adults moving through their peak earning years and school age children. There will be an increase of over 700,000 school aged children in Australia over the next 10 years.

At .id we are determined that the obsession with baby boomers does not distract from the challenges of providing education for record numbers of children entering our schools since the post war baby boom. After all, providing excellent education and training is essential for meeting the challenges of the new economy. To share this knowledge, we have published three new e-books that are essential reading.

  1. Planning Education Provision in a Changing Australia;
  2. Which Population Forecast Should I Use?; and
  3. Three Growth Markets in Australia

I recommend reading these e-books to be informed and equipped to deal with change.

* To quote Matthew Deacon, .id forecaster and generation X-er

Author Ivan

Location analysis

Using location analysis to effectively deliver community service programs and measure performance



Where should we locate our services for the best results? At .id, we are often approached by our clients to understand where and when they should invest their resources. This is a case study about the Savers Plus program, a partnership between the ANZ and Brotherhood of St Laurence, which assists 30,000 Australians to build their financial capability and learn to save. When Saver Plus first approached .id, they wanted to know which communities they should target and if their promotional activities were effective. Read more to learn about the outcomes of the collaboration.


Local government

Choosing the right population forecast for local area planning



We sometimes get asked by our local government clients, "Why would I use .id's forecasts? The state government has their own population projections and they require us to use those." In this blog, we compare the .id forecasts to the state government forecasts, explain what the differences are, and what implications this has for planners.


New Zealand

Renting levels are on the increase in New Zealand



Home affordability is a big deal in many parts of New Zealand. Using the national average as a benchmark, in January of this year it took 21.7% of the median household income for typical first home buyers to pay the mortgage, a slight improvement over previous years largely due to lower interest rates. So why are rental levels increasing?

Inside .id

What does a location strategy consultant do?



We often get asked what people who work at .id actually do, and what sort of skills and background they have. To help answer those questions, we got members of the team to highlight what they do and what for them makes .id a great place to work.

Read about what our location strategy consultant Sally Blandy has to say.

We are currently hiring a location strategy consultant as well.  


Final word

Is the Census private and why does it matter?



Right before Christmas last year, the ABS put out this media release on privacy of Census data. In a nutshell, the ABS is abandoning the long-standing (50-year) tradition of destroying name-identified information on Census forms. What implications will this have on Census data collected?

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