The Internal Revenue Service calls identity theft tax refund fraud its No. 1 scam. Learn what to do to stay cyber safe when filing.

Can You Hear Me Now?
IRS phone call just another scamming trick this tax season

By Mike Hermes, CPAcanstockphoto17061189.jpg
Tax Senior

Have you recently received a call from the IRS about your tax return or a message from an IRS ‘agent’ asking you to call back to verify filing information?

As we are knee-deep into tax season, or fraud season, scammers have found yet another way to steal more than just your refund, but also, your identity.(Continue reading)

Robin Baum and Sue Krantz featured in the media

Doing it their way: Zinner & Co. leaders 
create a firm for allsue_and_robin_for_newsletter_cropped-1.jpg

By Jennifer Rieman, CAE
Manager, Public Relations, OSCPA

This article was originally published March 10, 2016 in Takeaways, the online news source from the Ohio Society of CPAs

It’s still unusual for women to hold top positions in public accounting. According to the AICPA, women represent about half of new CPAs in the accounting profession yet only 14.3% of Executive Officer positions in business and industry and 19% of partners in CPA firms nationwide.

Robin Baum, CPA, managing partner and Sue Krantz, CPA, CGMA, partner at Zinner & Co. in Cleveland don’t mind blazing trails as long as ...
(Continue reading)

The Last Gas Station for 90 Miles?
Why the Social Security Highway will change direction on April 30


By Howard Kass, CPA, CGMA, AEP

Have you ever been on a road trip and noticed a sign on the highway proclaiming something like “Last Gas for 90 Miles”?  That probably prompted you to check your gas gauge and you may have even decided to err on the side of caution, pulling into the filling station to top off your tank.  How would you have felt, though, if, instead, the sign had said, “Last Gas . . . forever . . .”? (Continue reading)

Zinner & Co. Shows Their Purple to Promote Epilepsy Awareness

Purple_day_2016_group.jpgWhile the logo colors of Zinner & Co. are blue and silver 51 weeks of the year, purple is the weeklong preference from March 21- 26. It's to create awareness for Purple Day, an annual international celebration to create awareness and support for Epilepsy and related seizure disorders.

What began as a small one-day initiative in 2008 by a young girl in Nova Scotia is now promoted many days during the month of March. (Continue reading)

Zinner & Co. to Present Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements Seminar

Audited or not, whether prepared by you, a board member, a bookkeeper or accountant, your not-for-profit organization needs to produce financial statements, and it’s critically important for you and all of your board members to understand how to interpret them.
If your organization works with donors, investors, sponsors, scholarships, fundraising events, grants, or contributors, you'll want to be sure to attend. 

Together with the Nonprofit Center at Lakeland Community College, Partner Sue Krantz will present an interactive discussion geared toward those charged with a fiscal obligation or financial understanding to not-for-profit entities. 

Following this seminar, you will better understand: 

  • What the line items of the financial statements mean to your organization

  • Which line items are red flags for fraud, theft or concern

  • Three things you can do when you get back to the office to improve your efficiencies 

For registration information or to learn more, click here. 

Career Boost! Earn your CNAP credential

Zinner & Co. is pleased to partner with Nonprofit CPAS and the FMA Institute to bring folks in the Cleveland and Akron area the opportunity to earn the Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional credential (CNAP).

This 2.5 day course offers those on the nonprofit financial management and accounting front line comprehensive training on every component of nonprofit financial management. 

CNAP topics address issues including:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Internal Controls
  • Budget Development
  • Governance
  • IRS Form 990

This course is ideal for: 

  • Non-CPAs who have a financial responsibility within a not-for-profit organization
  • Bookkeepers
  • Accounting Clerks, Managers, and Supervisors
  • Directors or Managers in charge of Finance or Operations
(For those CPAs interested in CNAP, the FMA Institute is authorized to offer CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit through the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.)

Click here for event details and registration information. 

This Month's Free Offer - Record Retention Guide

Just in time for spring cleaning! 

How long is long enough when it comes to retaining your business' important financial records?

Zinner & Co. Tax Partner Howard J. Kass, CPA, has created a guide to help you differentiate between those documents that are essential forever, and those that are only essential for the near future, as indicated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Download "Record Retention Guide: Your Guideline to Effective Record Retention Periods" to better understand your business needs. 

Please note: These suggestions are subject to change. Fore more information, contact Howard Kass for assistance with your record retention program. 

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