February 2016

Communication sucks! 

Watch my video above for a tip on how to increase effective communication in your organization.

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Have you ever played whisper down the lane as a child? It all begins when one child whispers a phrase – let’s say ice cream, into the ear of another child. That child passes the phrase along to the next, and so on. A dozen children later and the last child announces the phrase he or she heard: “RICE BEAN!”

Whether you are playing whisper down the lane as a child, managing a crew at the course or running a small lawn care company, COMMUNICATION SUCKS! Click on the video above for a tip on how to increase effective communication in your business or organization.

Have your calibrated your spray equipment?

Each person has their own walking speed and other characteristics like longer arms that can speed up or deter the time it takes your technician to complete a lawn. How do you decide on the right spray calibration for you and your technicians?

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Soil science
Upcoming webinar: Q&A With Dr. Neidermyer

Want to learn more about Holganix? Looking to further your knowledge on plant and soil science? Here is your opportunity! Register for our Q&A session with Dr. Neidermyer, our Director of Plant and Soil Science. March 9 at 3:00 PM EST.

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Soil Facts
10 Dirty Secrets on Soil

Let's dig deep into soil science with the 10 dirty secrets you didn't know about SOIL! Secret number 1? There are 70,000 different types of soil in the U.S.

What are the 9 other dirty secrets about SOIL?

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lawn care marketing
Marketing Webinar Dates!

Looking for fresh ideas to jump start sales? This is the webinar for you! Learn how to explain the benefits of Holganix, differentiate your company and incorporate creative marketing techniques. March dates just added! 

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