The significance of a number…

Over a Sunday lunch recently, someone asked me, “What is the significance of Australia reaching a population of 24 million?” The cynic in me joked “the same as reaching 23,876 people…” but this little known historical milestone turned out to be a conversation starter about a wide range of important social issues among a diverse group of people.

That’s the power of information, even a small ‘barbeque stopper’ fact that can jolt people into thinking about the bigger picture.

During the conversation I referred to Georgia’s concise thought-provoking blog on the subject. There’s a table in the blog that shows how many years it has taken to reach each 1million population increment, a simple indicator that infers a fascinating history of the interplay between economic, social and population change. In fact I felt quite clever being able to offer insights into most of the subjects raised and, of course my source of this knowledge is the blogs published by .id, We’re very proud of this public resource which is a fantastic team effort by everyone at .id.

I was amazed at how fascinated the people at the barbeque were with this information that was new and a revelation to them. I think I signed up 10 new people to .id’s blog and newsletter.

We’re making a big effort this year to get out and about to have more of these conversations – see what we’re up to below.

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