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microphone-image.pngNew MST Teams in Georgia Join Effort to Redirect Youth

MST Services has begun working with the state of Georgia as part of a statewide initiative led by Governor Nathan Deal to use evidence-based interventions to decrease felony commitments and placements in short-term programs.

Working closely with Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) and service provider Grace Harbour to rollout and implement the programs, MST Services created teams in Cherokee and Clayton counties, both of which served their first youth in October. The goal for Cherokee, with a team of two therapists and a supervisor, is to serve 23 youth by June 30, 2016. The Clayton team of three therapists and a supervisor expects to serve 33 youth.

“EBA has been a committed partner in the governor’s initiative since July 2013 and is excited to add MST as a part of this project,” says Nicole Janer, director of operations for EBA. Because MST provides a whole family approach, increased contact between youth and family, and the option for therapists to be in the home an average of three to five times a week, it’s an ideal match for the counties that are looking to support families whose children would otherwise be detained, she says.



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compared to 195 in January 2004

Reducing Recidivism and Symptoms in Emerging Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions and Justice System Involvement

Presented by: 
Ashli Sheidow, Ph.D.
Mike McCart, Ph.D.
Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC)



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Join us in Colorado in April for the 2016 Blueprints Conference. If you know of anyone interested in learning more about treating juveniles with MST, be sure to encourage them to the attend the MST pre-conference. Registeration is now open.


MST Pre-conference at Blueprints

The Policy and Practice of Building an MST Program
Description: Learn how MST fits into your service system in a cost effective manner.

Session #1:
9 a.m. - Noon
Learn how to overcome barriers to implementing MST at a meaningful scale. Take back lessons that you can use in your community. Speakers will include:


  • Champion - Ken Warner, Retired (previously Chief, Children's Behavioral Services, New Mexico) - Why did he become a champion?
  • Champion - Julie Revaz, Manager of Programs and Services, Court Support Services Division; Judicial Dept. State of Connecticut - Risk to policy-maker in leading this kind of EBP scale-up is real and here is her story
  • Developing Champions - Tim Goldsmith, Youth Villages - Why "rock star" champions are necessary and critical
  • Developing Champions - Dan Edwards, President, Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) - The payoff can be huge: CT, GA and FL Redirection stories

Session #2:
1-4 p.m.
Learn how you can positively impact juvenile justice reform by implementing MST in your community, county, state or country. Hear varying perspectives on the model. Speakers will include: a judge, a provider, a parent and stakeholder.


  • Stakeholder presenter advocating for juvenile justice reform: Nell Bernstein, author of "Burning Down the House"
  • Judge presenter: The Honorable Dorene Allen, Midland County, Michigan
  • Provider presenter: Jeremy Kohomban, CEO, Children's Village
  • MST parent

MST-related or involved sessions during the Blueprints Conference

  1. Multisystemic Therapy for Youths With Problem Sexual Behaviors presented by Charles Borduin and Richard Munschy
  2. International Scaling Up of EBPs in Large Systems - Panel featuring Bernadette Christensen, Dario Mellado, Fabiana Castro, Stephen Phillippi and Christine Bonura (tentative)
  3. EBP Implementation at Scale: Successes and Overcoming Challenges - Panel featuring Julie Revaz, Michael Williams, Sylvia Rowlands, Ken Warner and David Bernstein
  4. How to Foster and Sustain Effective Relationships with Champions and Your Stakeholders - Panel featuring Dorene Allen, Suzanne Kuepper, Jennifer Martin, Homer Flores, Rob Edmisten and Ken Silva
  5. Funding Blueprint Programs presented by Keller Strother, Jeremy Kohomban, Daniel Edwards and Melanie Duncan
  6. Ensuring Outcomes in the Real World: Examples Across Family-Based EBPs presented by Molly Brunk, Michael Robbins and Lisa Saldana
  7. Updates on the Latest Research and Developments Related to Multisystemic Therapy presented by Scott Henggeler

View full conference agenda and register today.


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