January 2016 Newsletter


Happy New Year from BlackPoint!


2015 proved to be an exciting year for BlackPoint - we moved our headquarters to a new location, added new members to our team, enhanced our services with 24/7 support and hosted our biggest Tech Fair to date!  

  • BlackPoint moved about a mile down the road to a new, larger office space in Kent. We incorporated a state-of-the-art IT Support Center which is designed to help us serve our customers better and more efficiently.
  • The 2015 Tech Fair was our most highly attended event to date! We covered topics like new cloud strategies and Managed Services. The FBI spoke about cyber-security and Microsoft hosted hands on demos of Azure and Windows 10. Check out the infographic series on our blog to learn more.
  • Relocated our Colo, which holds all of our servers, and other physical infrastructure. We relocated it to provide a higher bandwidth and a faster, more reliable connection for our clients via remote desktop.
  • 24/7 Support. With new follow the sun support, we're excited to be able to provide 24/7 monitoring and patching services for our clients! 
  • New Team Members & Director of Managed Services. In addition to welcoming new members to our Seattle and Portland locations, Kirsten Lemke joined our executive team as head of Network Operations and the IT Support Center. We look forward to her leadership and how that will carry BlackPoint's Managed Services into the future.


White Paper: 4 Ways to Protect Against the Worst Kinds of Viruses

Advanced malware is one of the biggest threats your company can face. It’s not well understood, it’s secretive, and it can often go undetected for months because it’s always changing and evolving to circumnavigate the latest security systems.

We've consulted with engineers & technicians to explain malware in this quick, easy to read White Paper which will show you the best defenses you can take. 


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Windows 10 - Your Business may not be Ready to Upgrade

Windows 10 is here! It's shiny and new and has all the bells and whistles we've hoped for, but chances are, your business isn't ready to be using it yet. For personal use, it's fine - however, most business critical applications haven't caught up yet to Windows 10, and can only run on older versions of Windows.

Before you consider upgrading, make sure your business critical applications have been tested for compatibility. 


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Behind the Logo                                                                       

Each quarter we go Behind the Logo to get to know the people that make BlackPoint a great place to work. In this issue we get to know Jeannette Anderson, BlackPoint's Senior Telecom Consultant. Learn about her experience in the Telecom Industry, and why she named her dog after an NFL player. 

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Quarterly BlackPoint Duck Awards                                        

In 2014 we launched our quarterly BlackPoint Duck Awards in an effort to recognize the employees who go above and beyond to make BlackPoint better. Our most recent winners were chosen for their achievements in leadership and customer service.

Congratulations to our Senior Managed Services Engineer Steve Olsen, Network Operations Engineer Stephen Suttell, Marketing Manager Jennifer NelsonAccountant Daniel Stoecker, Senior Account Manager Marvin Herstad, and Portland's Infrastructure Consultant Erik Wolin for all your outstanding work! 

At the end of the year, all of the Black Duck winners were entered into a drawing to win a trip to Hawaii. Congratulations and Aloha to our Infrastructure Consultant Martin Selvar who was the lucky winner! 

If you've worked directly with someone at BlackPoint whom you feel has displayed exemplary customer service, let us know! Please email Human Resources with a brief explanation of your experience.

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