Scale Your Agency Evaluation

  • You are steadily growing but have hit a ceiling when it comes to attracting good fit clients, retaining staff and achieving double-digit profit months. 
  • Our Agency Health Check will give you a full overview of the state of your agency along with what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. This is not a fun, generic quiz - but actually a deep dive into your business. After you have answered all the questions, we will give you your Agency Health Check results together with our expert recommendations and suggestions

Once you get your answers and can book a free consultation with Clodagh to discuss your results.

Once the call is done, you will have three options:

Coaching Package 1

If you would like a 6-month Strategy plan.

  • Set Time Line of Priorities

  • Assessment

  • Includes Training Videos & Templates

Coaching Package 2

If you would like to work with Clodagh as your Business Mentor and coach for a block of 5 calls.


If you would like to get 10 calls with Clodagh as your Business Mentor and Coach.