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Pete Hansen
GM, Eftpos NZ

With the whole country now back at COVID Alert Level 1, it’s pleasing to see a strong rebound in retail spend across New Zealand. Transactions over our network in October were at 98% of the equivalent period last year, despite almost no activity from inbound tourism which would traditionally account for between 5-10% of all transactions we process. This suggests a strong rebound in consumer activity and a big lift in domestic tourism to at least partially make up for the absence of international tourists...

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October 2020, Edition #14 

Practical tips, resources and advice about retailing and payments for small businesses

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Android Eftpos to bring online buying experiences into the real world
We are excited to announce that Eftpos NZ is the first terminal provider in New Zealand to launch an Android payment device. These devices promise to elevate the way you connect with your customers far beyond taking payment. Built on the Android operating system, the line between EFTPOS terminal and Smartphone has been blurred for good. We'll be upgrading our entire fleet to Verifone Android devices, so if you're an Eftpos NZ customer, you get one.

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The Carbon Mobile 5
The Verifone Carbon Mobile 5 is the first Android EFTPOS device we are bringing to Kiwi businesses with more devices to come! Learn more about this innovative new payment device.

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Built on Android

Why Android?
In the coming months, Eftpos New Zealand will be the first payment solution provider in New Zealand to deliver an Android payment device to Kiwi businesses. Android source code has been used to develop phones, TVs, game consoles, computers, and wearables. And now, EFTPOS terminals. Find out why the next generation of payment devices are built on Android.

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The Omnichannel approach to payments
In the payments industry, we refer to any suite of solutions that facilitates seamless payment experiences across multiple channels as omnichannel payments. Instead of treating each channel as its own silo, all payment streams are brought together on a single platform which enables businesses to facilitate, track and measure customer buying behaviour across channels.

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EFT How to Choose the Best POS for your NZ Business

How to Choose the Best POS for your NZ Business
One of the most common mistakes we see Kiwi business owners make on their payment processing journey is going for the cheapest or most familiar option straight off the bat, which can lead to incompatibility and sometimes hidden costs down the track. So how do you choose the best POS system for your business? We've put our heads together to compile our most useful tips for choosing a POS system.

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EFT 5 Steps to Make Your Small Business Website More Effective

5 Steps to Make Your Small Business Website More Effective
Your business website is your digital front of house, the first thing your customers see when they metaphorically walk in the door – so ensuring you are utilising every tool at your disposal to make their experience an easy and positive one is important. We’ve collated five steps small business owners can take to make sure their website is operating in the most effective manner possible, driving traffic and increasing brand visibility.

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Good reads
Retail sales and confidence rebound after second lockdown lifts
A new Retail NZ Retail Radar report show retailer sales have improved in through September as the second wave of COVID-19 restrictions lifted.
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Business plans up in the air? Tools to help you pivot
Tips and tools from MBIE to help you identify and maximise opportunities to help your business survive and revive.
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10 smart ways to get rid of excess stock
Grab tips from retailing experts Vend on smart ways you can liquidate surplus merchandise.
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Fall in imports, healthy exports leads to trade milestone
A fall in imports and a $1.2 billion jump in exports gave the country an annual goods trade surplus of $1.7b, a reversal of its usual position.
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