Population matters

Australia's growth moderates, Victoria fastest growing state

The end of year ABS release shows that Australia's population stands at 23,781,169, up 317,083 from the previous year. This is a growth rate of 1.35%, which is still strong in an international context, but it's the lowest growth rate since 2005-6 for Australia. In other news, Victoria is the fastest growing state for the first time since 1942!

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New Zealand focus

Tourism in New Zealand - Are these your holiday destinations this summer?

Imagine having more than 40,000 tourists, or 10 times the size of your population, visiting your local area this summer. What will that be like?

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Housing trends

Vacant dwellings, rife in Melbourne?

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Merry Christmas - Easey street celebrations

For two years consecutively, .id entered into the Easey Street Decorate-Your-Pole competition. This is what we came up with:


To your left, is what we had hoped to do - a demographic Christmas tree - but the above photos is a more accurate depiction of reality (take into consideration this was photographed after the storm on Sunday). Perhaps Christmas decorating isn't one of our strengths but at least demography definitely is! Here are some other designs:


We had fun at all our various Christmas activities and we hope you do too! Merry Christmas!


A word from our researcher

Can the history of Rockingham help us understand the future?

Australian cities will continue to grow and change over the coming decades. This is inevitable, but it always has been. I dusted off the old Perth street directories in .id’s collection and was fascinated to see in the 1974 edition of the Perth UBD, Rockingham as we know it in 2015 barely existed. What can the past teach us about the future?

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Final word

Lessons in over-simplifying statistics – or why I’m not such a Wally with water

As summer hits and people think more about their water usage, more of us scrutinise our water bills to see how we are doing. But what does that have to do with demography? As it turns out, water consumption (and bills) has a lot to do with demographics...

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