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For the past few months, each time I’ve sat down to write this letter I’ve wondered when I’ll get to write one in ‘normal times’ again. We all keep hearing that we need to establish “a new normal,” but it feels more like Dolly Parton’s quote in Steel Magnolias — “Honey, time marches on, and eventually you realize it is marchin’ across your face.”


I doubt Dolly had envisioned her lines being used during a pandemic, but it’s true —it seems the only things that have changed in the past few months are the pages on the calendar and our stress levels as we respond to rapidly changing circumstances. And now we find ourselves on the brink of perhaps the strangest holiday season in collective memory. Facing challenges — some new, some old — and adapting the huge shifts in consumer behavior.


We can do it, but we’re going to need to think outside of the box, come up with creative solutions, and leverage new tools to give us an advantage — now more than ever.


One of those ‘old’ problems we’ll face again is that tension and trade off during the supplier onboarding process — between achieving speed-to-shelf and beating the competitor to ‘in stock’ and collecting complete, accurate data on suppliers that makes our businesses run smoothly.


This year, I invite you to cross one of those ‘old’ problems off your list and conserve your energy for the new ones. Our team is excited to announce that we’ve officially launched Rivet — a business partner management solution that minimizes or eliminates the complexity, time and expense associated with the supplier onboarding process.


Our team of supply chain professionals purpose built Rivet so speed-to-shelf and data accuracy can live in harmony, freeing your team up to capitalize on emerging trends and focus their energy on responding to new and novel challenges. It’s everything you need to seamlessly onboard new suppliers, and be proactive about missing data and lapsed deadlines. In short, it’s the supplier onboarding tool that we wished we had when we worked in retail.


As we prepare ourselves both personally and professionally for this holiday season, I invite you to find a way to make one thing easier — to find one way to make the “new normal,” or the marching of time across your face — just a little more pleasant. Whether it’s using new tools like Rivet, or quoting Dolly Parton in your monthly newsletter, we all need something to look forward to.


To learn more about Rivet, please click here and download our latest whitepaper “A New Approach to Supplier Onboarding.” 


Gregory Holder,
Traverse Systems

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What’s New at Traverse Systems
Traverse and RPE Partnership

Traverse Systems is proud to announce we’ve partnered with RPE, a leading consulting firm that helps enterprises improve customer engagement, increase sales, and improve profitability.


Learn more about the partnership in our press release.


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Unfortunately, the Fall RVCF Conference has been canceled.
We hope to see you in-person in 2021, but until then, check out the RVCF Event Calendar for virtual events.

Roundtable Discussion: Supplier Performance Challenges during COVID-19

Traverse Video Image_October2020
The Traverse platform was directly responsible for reducing costs and for a marked reduction in trouble tickets. It improved distribution center productivity, flow, and service levels, and it significantly reduced our returns to vendors, leading to more productive use of floor space.

Al Soltanian,
Project Manager

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