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.id insight newsletter - September 2015

On not just how to plan cities, but why!

(Vale Hugh Stretton, 1924-2015)

I learnt from The Adelaide Review recently that the influential urban thinker Hugh Stretton had died. He was an Adelaide University academic who wrote about cities in the prose-style of an historian, with the theoretic framework and critical nous of an alternative economist. Among many other things, he was also a housing activist and influential advocate for public housing.

In the late 1970s as a geography student at Flinders University, I was introduced to Hugh Stretton's book, 'Ideas for Australian Cities' and I just loved the modest and welcoming title. When I read the free flowing human-centred stories about not just how to plan cities butwhy.... Wow! The book has cool maps and diagrams accompanying story-like descriptions of places and what it is about places that are important to people and how we live in them.

Agree with his arguments or not, his work challenged conventional thinking in a compelling way and that in itself makes it worthwhile. It simply got me fascinated in the possibilities of urban planning.

Vale Hugh Stretton

Ivan Motley



Population matters

Migration between capital cities and regional Australia

During meetings with regional councils I am often asked, "How can we increase our population?" In particular, they want to understand how regional areas can attract population from capital cities. The ABS has released a new dataset - the Regional Internal Migration Estimates (RIME) - analysing where people are moving across Australia. So, how many people migrate between capital cities and regional Australia?



A word from our researchers

How many refugees does Australia take?

With the current crisis around Syrian refugees, Australia is under pressure to “do more” with this global issue. In 2014, Australia provided a home and new start in life to 11,970 humanitarian arrivals - also known as refugees. How significant are refugees to our population? 



New Zealand focus

The double whammy changing the age profile in rural New Zealand

While births and deaths have an influence on local population characteristics, migration is by far the most powerful force in population change. Internal migration has had a profound effect on the changing profile in rural New Zealand. What are the challenges for these areas?



Economic development

Strategies for encouraging employment clusters outside the CBD

Employment clusters are becoming more and more important as Australia shifts towards an economy based on skills, ideas and connections. But where are they? How are they changing? And what do they need?



What affects the heart health of an area?

We were recently commissioned by the Heart Foundation to deliver a series of Heart Health Fact Sheets for each LGA in Victoria. These were designed to be conversation starters with local government and local medical practitioners. In this blog article we take a look at the City of Yarra which has very good heart health outcomes.


malcolm_turnbull.jpegImage source: Twitter @TurnbullMalcolm

Final word

Who is Malcolm Turnbull? 

Just over a two weeks ago Malcolm Turnbull became the 29th Prime Minister of Australia.  Turnbull is the fourth prime minister we have had in three and a half years, which got us thinking about the demographics of our leaders.  We take a look.


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