ADG shares it experience on how to partner with Chinese OEMs to enhance your global distribution / Ali sells US$ 1 billion in eight minutes
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ADG Insights - November 2015

7 of the top 10 and 9 of the top 12 global smartphone OEMs are from China according to the latest Q3 global smartphone stats

The top 10 China OEMs will ship almost 600 million smartphones in 2015.  China is a key market for them but they are shipping globally especially to the fast growing emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Africa, and Latin America.

Read more to understand some of the best ways to leverage China to achieve distribution in the tens or hundreds of millions of devices.  Read More

Xiaomi is off to a great start in India or not? It depends on what you believe

Reading the news on Xiaomi in regards to their Indian market has me shaking my head everyday with the schizophrenic views on this topic.  Take for example the WSJ Xiaomi's big bet on the Indian internet revolutions starts to pay off" and compare that to Counterpoint which claimed sales are down 46% and below MicroMax. Whatever your perspective 3 million devices to date in a newly emerging market is not bad.  The real question is whether the persistent rumors that Xiaomi's investors are getting uneasy is true and if so what it may mean going forward. link link

Huawei Hugging Google for Global Expansion

With the launch of the highly rated Huawei Nexus 6P one thing is clear.  Huawei sees its partnership with Google as a key strategy to penetrate the USA and other key markets.  You can expect Huawei to do its best to behave and leverage this relationship to overcome some of its image problems.  From the feedback so far they are off to a great start and right now they are the one stealing the limelight from Xiaomi. link

Alibaba - are you kidding me? One day sales 7x entire US 2014 Cyber Monday sales

You would have to be living under a rock to miss this one but in case you missed it, Alibaba e-commerce sales reached US$ 14.3 billion in one day and US$ 1billion in eight minutes.  That is not a typo. link 


Other Important Stories and News

Chinese nationals are buying multi-million dollar US homes using the country's most popular instant messaging app. link

Huawei has hired an Ex-Apple executive to improve their UI. link 

Alibaba bets big on video with $4.2B proposed acquisition of Youku. link

Blame China…Samsung see its first ever smartphone shipment drop. link

Xiaomi continues to diversify into TVs, wearables, home gateways, GoPro-style action cameras, Segway like transportation, laptops, earphones, running shoes, power cords and more link; link; link

Alibaba in talks to lead $1 billion investment into Google backed Magic Leap. The trend continues. link

Tencent and Alibaba cooperating again, this time merging group-buying O2O powerhouses Meituan and Dianping link

The Chinese smartphone that's ramping up in the US. link


China by the Numbers

Alibaba sales reach US$ 14.3 billion in one day and US$ 1billion in eight minutes. link

China to become largest e-commerce market globally in 2015. link

China’s mobile apps market insights in Q2 2015. link 

Revenue of China’s cable industry will exceed US$14 billion in 2015. link 

1/4 of China smartphone users install foreign apps. link 

China added 680 thousand 4G base stations in first 9 months of 2015 reaching one million by year end. link 

China's mobile phone users broke 900M with 300M 4G users. link CN 


ADG and Clients News

China seeks quantum leap to a new economic model. FT Nov 2015

Chinese apps see a space in utility. Press Reader Sep 2015

Chinese e-commerce's rush into online finance could put users' data at risk. China Economic Review Sep 2015

Apus to invest Rs 100 crore in Indian startups, to open India R&D center. ET Tech Sep 2015

EyeVerify collaborates with RSA to provide eye-based biometric authentication. link

Nubia Z9 released its three anniversary edition highlighting EyeVerify as a key marketing story. link CN

Canonical held a innovation contest for its Ubuntu operating system with China Mobile. link

Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Officially Released with Wi-Fi Hotspot, Custom Alarm Sounds, More. link

TCL Communication selects Graphite Software's Secure Space for its Alcatel OneTouch devices to target the multi-persona needs Of enterprise employees. link

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