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Weekly update for Poole faculty and staff from the Office of Business Services

What is the Operations Team?

With the launch of the OBS Operations team, some questions have been brought to our attention regarding how the operations team can support you and your department as well as how this newly formed team differs from the OBS Financial team or the OBS HR team. This team was created utilizing existing staff or staff vacancies in the college. We did not add any staff FTE but rather restructured so we could provide equal support across the college.

PCOM By the Numbers

Did you know that Computing Services manages around 587 distinct endpoints including 83 Mac computers and 503 windows devices? OBS HR processed over 79 I-9s over the summer. OBS Fiscal managed 191 financial transactions in August alone! See more details in our By the Numbers page.

Changes to Google My Drive Trash Retention
Beginning on Oct. 13, 2020, Google will change the retention for My Drive Trash items to be automatically deleted after 30 days. Previously, trashed items would be retained indefinitely until the trash was emptied by the user. See more here.
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Did You Miss the Poole Pack Development Series on Unconscious Bias?
We had a fabulous session about unconscious bias and a privilege walk and discussion. If you weren't able to attend our virtual session, you can view from this link.
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Changes to Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) Requests
Due to audit findings, we now require the Procurement Request Form (PRF) for all Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) requests that are received by OBS. An IDT is how one college or University Office charges another for goods, services or shared expenses. If you know that you will be billed for something by a unit or department outside of PCOM (e.g. Rave! Catering, NCSU Bookstore, etc), you can submit the completed PRF ahead of time to pcombusiness@ncsu.edu. Otherwise, you will receive an email requesting a completed PRF at the time the IDT request reaches our office.
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Are You Ready for 2021 Open Enrollment?
2021 Open Enrollment is Oct. 15-31, 2020. Here’s what you need to know to make the right decisions in October to save you money throughout 2021.
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Say This, Not That

Inclusive language is very important in today's society. Please review this great resource on "Say This, Not That" in order to be more mindful of your language.


9/25: September Bi-weekly Lockout at 5 p.m.

10/6: Supervisors approve SHRA employees pending time by 5 p.m.

10/6: Supervisor Deadline to approve biweekly timesheets by 5 p.m.


10/15: October Monthly Payroll Lockout at 5 p.m.


10/19: Distribution Changes completed by 5 p.m.


10/20: Supervisor Deadline to approve biweekly timesheets by 5 p.m.


10/20: September PCard Statements - PCards will be placed on hold if not fully approved by 5 p.m.


10/22: October PCard Reconciliation - Last day to post charges to the correct project ID and account code

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