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Hi NAHAD Member!

Here is the September 2020 edition of HoseConnections.


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NAHAD Webinar:  Industrial/Macroeconomic Update - Two Days Left to Register

What does the economic future look like for NAHAD members? In this must attend event, Owen Flanagan, with Cleveland Research, will provide a macroeconomic trends update and industrial forecast this Thursday, September 24. During the webinar, Owen will address NAHAD member sales activity, market trends, and business forecasts. 

Using a combination of Cleveland Research’s proprietary research and publicly available macroeconomic data, we will give an update on the state of the industrial economy and provide an outlook for the remainder of 2020 and the first half of 2021. Register Now

NAHAD Issue alert


NAHAD Regulations Brief

Many small businesses lack the resources to follow all the regulatory changes created by the federal government. This issue brief will highlight some of the important regulations that were created, withdrawn, or updated that could affect the way your business operates. Additionally, the prospect of the Presidency changing hands in November creates the possibility of new regulations and rules affecting small businesses. Under the current administration, according to the Treasury Department, eight regulations have been cut for every new regulation created. Read More



NAHAD Hospitality Details Coming Soon

For any NAHAD member company interested in hosting a hospitality suite during NAHAD’s 2021 Annual Convention, please know those details will be made available very soon. NAHAD has been working with staff at the Marriott Marquis San Diego to outline the appropriate contact person and best locations to host hospitalities in 2021. If you have immediate questions, please reach out to NAHAD Conference Director Jessica Hauser Forte at We look forward to sharing more information as soon as it becomes available and helping you plan an exceptional event for 2021!


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Kuriyama Announces New Products


Kuriyama is pleased to announce the addition of the following new products in their product line to provide more “Kuriyama Value” to their valued distributors. Read More


PT Coupling's News


PT Coupling’s family of transportation products, referred to as Safety Tank Solutions®, is created for the tank and truck market. Including specifically designed flow control systems to match tank and truck configurations. In addition, PT Coupling supplies Ultimate Tight Fill™ drop elbows, valves, adapters and reducers for making connections with minimal leak points. The family of Safety Tank Solutions® is completed with the Hose Drainer®, Safety Bumps®, Safety Locks®, strainers, and a full array of fittings for fabrication of hose assemblies. The PT system allows assembly fabricators the flexibility to utilize either Punch-Lok® center-punch bands or ProGrip™ sleeves/ferrules to complete assembly. Read More


NewAge® Industries Announces New Plan to Recycle Silicone Tubing Waste

PlNewAge-Industries-Scrap-Silicone-Tubing-Hose-Into-Silicone-Oil-8x11-300dpiastic and silicone tubing manufacturer, NewAge Industries, is now able to recycle the waste from its silicone tubing and braid reinforced hose extrusion processes. The recycled “scrap,” as it is called, finds new life as silicone oil for industrial applications.

“We're always looking for ways to reduce manufacturing waste,” states Matt Bauer, Production Manager, in a recently published press release. “Producing silicone oil from silicone tubing is a multi-step reclamation process that few companies are doing.” Read More



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NAHAD’s Regional Training: Session Spotlight

On Tuesday, October 6, Brad Hoffman and Julio Cardozo from GHX Industrial will discuss the Lean and Kaizen Model in their session titled, “Sales Growth through Operational Excellence and Lean Leadership.” Attendees will learn how the Lean and Kaizen Model removes and/or minimizes non-value work activity by:

• Streamlining processes
• Removing waste
• Building team commitment
• Implementing daily accountability

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NAHAD's COVID19 Resources Update

NAHAD will continue to update COVID resources as it pertains to your business and all your business needs. In addition, NAHAD offers pre-recorded webinars readily accessible for your convenience. 

Check Out NAHAD's Upcoming Webinars

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