4 Free Tips to Get Your Business to Show Up on Google Maps

Google is still the King, Queen and court jester of online search. Sure, Facebook and Amazon are trying to carve out their own slice of the search pie, but as of July 2019, Google dominated over 90 percent of all search queries

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SEO 140-01

9 SEO Techniques for More Organic Traffic

Buzz… buzz… The lights flicker off as you hit “Stay” on the security alarm and rush out of your office door so as not to trigger the system. It’s 8 PM, after all.

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Keyword 140-01

Keyword Research - An Overview

Now that the internet dominates as the most popular way to seek out products or services, it’s critical to keep your company’s website easily accessible through search...

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Webinar: Telehealth and the Digital Marketing Transformation

Has your practice adopted telehealth? How comfortable are your employees with the digital transformation? How does your website and search engine visibility impact the number of new patients you receive? Join our panel of experts in an engaging discussion addressing these questions and much more!

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